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Where does a shy, and non-drinking, guy find a girl? (4)

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-25 07:05 ID:8OlZIakL

~Women buy food at the super-market. If you buy food at a super-market you might have a food-related question to ask the woman & a conversation might organically grow. She might ask YOU out.
~Women go to Sporting-events. If you go to Sporting events you might have a sporting-event-related question to ask the woman & you two might score a conversation. She might ask YOU out.
~Women wash their own clothes at Laundry-Mats. If wash your clothes... etc.
~Women obtain an education at a University. If you obatining an education at a University... etc.
~Women read books and (sometimes)buy books at a book store, and (sometimes)rent them from a library. If you read books... etc.
~Women (sometimes)rent movies from a video-store (and mostly online). If you (sometimes)rent movies from a video store and enjoy talking about movies with women, and enjoy WATCHING a movie with women... etc.
~Women wait at Bus-Stops.
~Women run around the park when the weather is copasetic.
~Women go to religous structures to pray.
~Women shop for clothes.
~Women eat at restaurants alone.

~Women... don't (usually)pee standing up, but they do EVERTHING ELSE you like to do.