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12 Days of 12 (9)

1 Name: chuneh : 2010-11-30 18:36 ID:HLZ+O4KE

December has come, and my tale will come to and end soon. Or is it just about to start? Haha. After 12 days, I will come to a standoff, I will confess to the girl I really love :)

But some background information for you guys! Half a year ago, I started to become (relatively) close with a friend of mine. We would go out and do fun things together. She's kinda the boy-ish type of girls and mostly has guy friends so it's something that feels natural and I don't really feel special about it. But come what may, after several weeks of spending time with her, I've come to appreciate her more and more and how she supplements me. We became something like best friends as we learned from each other more and more. I started to like her as a girl since then.

She's has a tough exterior and can hold her ground against others who would disagree with her, but in actuality, she's a really sensitive fragile girl inside. She's passionate in what she does like best, and I've seen her loyalty to her friends. In a stereotypical nutshell, she's your tomboy-ish, headstrong and independent girl that has a delicate inner self. And I like her so much.

So the thing is, the last time I liked a girl, it took me too long to have the resolution to tell her and ask her out. This time, I told myself that unless I could find the "right time", I will limit myself to a date. And that date comes in 12/12/2010. I actually would have chosen 12/12/2012, but that's too far! And yeah, 12 is her favorite number!

I know, I know, it took me almost half a year to actually do this. But some additional information: I've already confessed myself (kinda) to her, and we had a talk about it. Well to simply put it, it was neither a yes nor a no, and tells me that "it's my risk" if I would seriously try to court her - something to that extent.

As the days passed on, we were often together as time and our schedule would permit. She would sometimes tease me about the status of our "relationship", but so far... Nothing has been really happened.

So, tl;dr. In 12 days, I would ask and (re)confess to my best friend if she does likes me back or not. /love/, aid me and give me strength!