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[loneliness] perhaps maybe a new way to tell a tired old story (8)

7 Name: SS : 2011-01-27 01:55 ID:zjSdNvx0

I can relate to you. I love being alone. I value my solitude. But of course, this gets all too boring and all too quiet.

So I do something about it. I make new friends and get closer to girls I'm interested in. Inevitably, I become romantically involved with someone.

Think about it this way; if you know what you want, you're the only person who knows that you want anything at all. If you're the only person who knows this, then you're the only person that can take action (or take no action). Given all of the above, you have only two options: 1. Get what you want, or 2. Don't. I guess there's a third and fourth option that go along with these as well: 1. Complain, or 2. Don't complain.

By no means am I trying to come off as harsh, I'm just telling you the truth.

If you're being honest to yourself and to us, you are "tired of being lonely." So, get yourself to shore! If I were you, I'd have been off that raft the second I spotted land! I'd be swimming like a maniac! Regardless of knowing whether or not I'd make it, who cares!? Everything in life requires a risk, some more than others. You have to ask yourself if this is a risk worth taking. Judging by the fact that you were passive enough to simply think about getting off your raft of solitude, only to pity yourself for wanting anything at all, you seem to be very indecisive or at least, very unconvinced about what you really want. That's the first step: figure out exactly what you want, and be absolutely certain. When you know for sure, there's nothing left to think about. It's downhill from there, because you know you'll gravitate towards that end you wish to meet. You're body will become almost involuntary in obtaining your desire. Pain, rejection, and even fear will all become minuscule. Just be sure.