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y wont he cum in me (10)

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-25 17:01 ID:jLd6s5B5

Don't ask a bunch of STRANGERS online about YOUR sex-Life. It's not our sex-Life, it's YOURS.
You said you "tried" talking with your partner about the issues, and your partner doesn't/won't talk about it. Well... it's YOUR Body, you don't HAVE-To share it with ...HIM.
If he won't respect a non-physical conversation, then don't let him share the physical, until you have a VERBAL Answer.
Even if you're "a mind reader" it is for his benifit that he SAYS the dialog to you; for the sake of his own growth, and for the growth of your relationship.
And, perhaps, in HIS mind... the two of you HAVE talked about this issue; and somehow you choose to not-remember the dialog. Because women do that; which causes men to shut down verbal communication.
And, perhaps, he can-not afford the COST of raising a child, at this time. Or perhaps he doesn't WANT offspring at all. Learn to listen. The answers will not always be hidden.