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I SORT OF want to get out of my lonely life. Maybe I got a chance. (2)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-15 22:34 ID:b6aJ191N

Here's the thing.

I closed myself for quite a few years now. I still have fear of humans in general, I rarely talk in public, but if I get to trust someone, I'm very talkative. I CAN make conversation if I feel comfortable enough with someone. In general, I feel depressed most of the time, but I no longer bother other people whining about it.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-25 15:28 ID:us+pvUQW

watch your butt! You don't have many friends, at the moment; and you're working on making friends, at your own comfortable speed. Good. But... if you come onto this ONE Chick and she says "no, back-off dude" then those words might send you backwards into your cave for another couple years. If you had numerous more Connections with the "out-side world" then... ONE devastation from a chick would Not wound you so much. (I'm a cave-man too. people suck & i do get horny)

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