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First Date question? (12)

1 Name: Anon : 2012-01-23 19:24 ID:ISCyvpZ8

I'm currently studying abroad.
I'm going to visit my hometown in a week.
So a guy from back at home asked me out for movie and a dinner.
I said okay, because I like him. And it's isn't everyday I get asked out.

Here's a part of a convo:

Him: hahahah what can happen with us though :P
Me: Lets just go with the flow :)
Him: sounds goodd :)
Me: You'd know when you see me. And when I see you :)
Him: hahaha yeahhh

That's when I got thinking about the 'making a move' bit.
So what are the moves they make on a first date- holding hands and hugging is okay, right?
What if there was going to be a kiss? Should I go for it?
Actually, I won't mind a kiss from him,
But here's the thing- we have a lotta mutual friends.
How can I let him know I want the kiss to be a simple secret, without it coming off as a secresiveness due to shame or embarrassment? I mean, he can tell people we went out, but just not about the kiss. People might tend to misunderstand if they know about that, and I'm scared about a bad label scattering since it's quite a bit of mutual friends we have.