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I am an Indian woman how to meet a decent Japanese guy, friends in NY? o.o (4)

4 Name: Tera : 2012-05-30 19:15 ID:CN3ytR3J

well it's also a bit more complicated ^^;; I am weird like unique and am into even music like especially Yutaka Ozaki's oh my little girl, the song it warms my heart, it sounds like me. I have also been studying the language, and to this day. But, it's hard to meet someone who has similar interests, it's nice to meet someone who may like and value you back. I go to festivals, fairs, I'm shy to go up to any1, and yes, there's a little chinatown or little japan in the city and in queens, but I go there, I feel I am the token Indian gal who buys instant yakisoba, still likes pocky and doramas.....
sorry for the babbling >_<;;;