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Should I get involved with a woman I don't find attractive? (4)

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2012-08-23 20:26 ID:m/RGSmev

I'll take it a bit further. I used to dream about dating Asian (in particular Japanese) women and eventually marrying one. However, destiny took a wide right and decided to focus my interests in a Mexican girl (a culture I used to be not interested in). At first, she wasn't very attractive and really was the type of girl who sits at home and watches tv after school (hoodie and sweats in other words). After a year though, I got to know her better...and she actually started appearing more feminine. We started dating, and before you know's been 8 years and still with her. Now there's plans of marriage gasps...LOL.

Anyways, I understand that 2d hentai is crazy good and really a flirt for you. However, if you truly think it's unhealthy...then the next unhealthy thing is being involved with this woman cold turkey. Like >>3 said...meeting new women won't kill you (unless they kill you first). And in my situation it's not that I put up with my girlfriend...I learned more about her and the way her life matches with mine. Just saying the girl you would be involved in would be shit is both premature and unfair to her. Then again, if you still feel like another girl is meant for you...just calmly explain your reason for not dating and she'll understand. Otherwise, good luck with her and tell us how it goes.