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1 Name: Archie : 2012-11-22 19:10 ID:wMXWjQ2I

Hi, girl from India here. I'm 21.
I hope what I write makes sense:
I've been single since forever, since birth actually.
I don't feel like committing as of now since I'm studying my MA abroad, and I'm steadily losing hope if anyone is ever going to come by. And I don't seem to be having any luck finding someone I want to be with.

Now, I'm a virgin, and lately I've started to think about sex.
I used to attribute sex to after-marriage, to wanted to save myself for the 'special someone' but now it seems like a pointless wait of self-deprivation.

I am pulled by debates of Slut and Sexual freedom.
The Master key, shitty lock debate. Wondering why morals should be entwined with Sexuality.
I've been worried since the beginning of November.

In addition, the only things stopping me are:

  1. I can't bring myself to lie about my Virginity.
  2. On opening up about sexuality to a potential relationship/future partner- I can't possibly hide and I am nervous about being judged, Refer 1.
  3. My culture.

Side notes:

I'd like some advice and answers so I have clarity and decide on something properly.

P.S: I can't post in the Sexuality board since it's blocked in my University.