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4 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 2012-12-10 18:09 ID:JOMYnD7k


>This shitty Heart of mine feels it to be like a Christmas >present only 'he' will unwrap (and 'he' doesn't look like he's >gonna show up)

You talk about it like it's magic or somthing. Be real. You're not going to have some special perfect someone appear at your doorstep after years of searching the world for you. You meet people in your daily life, you meet someone you like a bit more than others, you hit it off, maybe you'll fall in love. If not, the cylce repeats. That's how it works.

>Here's what scares me - say, if I did lose my virginity, and >then I start to see someone, would he just overlook every >other aspect of my kindness/awesomeness/niceness, because of >some...ruptured layer? Because I had sex before?
>Like, everything would be going fine till he finds out I'm not >a virgin and perhaps he'd not like me as much (and leave) or >something?

For this problem there really is no other way to know than you dig up some info on the guy beforehand. Ask about him to people who might know him. See if he's the type to be like that. If he appears to be safe, go for it.

>You know what I think, Grey?
>I think everyone should just go do what they want without >being judged. Happy sexytime for everyone!
>No worries, no anxieties.
>Like, 'Yes he had sex, she had sex. They ALL had sex'
>So, since all would've had sex...noone would have stupid >possession issues or insecurity worries.
>It will solve a LOT of things- No more Slut-shaming. No >Judging. And no GUILT.

Hahahaha, yeah, that might be nice.