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6 Name: Archie : 2013-01-03 10:39 ID:PONrdAuV

There was a lad back at home in a town close to mine, who I've been talking to everyday, We aren't official or anything but we like each other, but aren't seeking relationships.
We always talk and just end the day with each other.
We said we'd wait till we met, I was going to be his first kiss. I remember telling him long back I didn't want any other man in the way because it would be mindfuck.

Apart from the first kiss. I wished I had lost it to him, but I only told him that after what happened.

When I told him what happened, he said nothing was gonna change, and I still have a place in his heart.

I may sound strange when I say this, but I think if I make love to the lad back at home it feels to me like a door to salvation.

I don't know what more to write.