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Would i be considered to be an otaku? (83)

1 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-17 04:36 ID:rWX1x6DV

i have a lot of manga, like +300 plus that i have been collecting since i was a little kid. and i am not saying that being an otaku is good or bad, but do you guys think that i would be cosidered to be an otaku? i mean, i know i have a lot of manga, but most of the reason that i have so much is just the sense of collecting them. of course, it's not like i hate them or what not, i do enjoy reading them. but i am just not obsessed with them as the average "manga otaku" would be considred to be. what do you guys think?

2 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-17 07:59 ID:nFyjaSmO

How many figurines do you have? Have you ever kissed a girl?

3 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-17 10:16 ID:kB4JsGhn

It does not matter how many one has. If you have the money you can go buy 1000 Gashapon Figures and all i'd say is that he is a lamer.
Being an Otaku is more like being into it. You have to feel something when finding Manga or character related goods like figures. Also, as Otaku is more of a "bad word", you should not have too much real life, non-otaku friends etc. to qualify as one.

4 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-17 14:13 ID:giETaO8F

No, i don't have any figurines. and yeah, i had kissed a girl before.

5 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-17 21:46 ID:B1WcqNCE

6 Name: Daa!cPUZU5OGFs : 2007-01-23 02:25 ID:8k7Dn1ob

!? You're not obsessed with manga and u dare call urself an otaku 0.0;

7 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-24 19:55 ID:mqO6K+fP

I would say you have addiction, but you have ways to go to be burn-out otaku.

8 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-25 04:45 ID:bemHehQr

I am the original poster. What does it mean to be a burn-out otaku?

9 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-25 15:28 ID:jRl84hr3

To fuck up your life because of your obsession, I guess.

10 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-27 03:08 ID:IdHrUBcT

I am fucked up...i spend half my days looking at porn at hentai then i spend the other half playing games or reading comics on the computer...ive got an incest fetish...i lie..i steal...i've never gone out with a girl before..i've never kissed..i am an ugly mother life is a wreck and i think its time to end it....

11 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-01-27 14:06 ID:Heaven


12 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-02-04 04:07 ID:HHV6cNqH

Come japan!
There are many many your friends.

13 Name: MG : 2007-02-04 15:13 ID:NlAI6BFI

is he dead or just half way there? -xp=
i don't know if i'm an otaku, but by the description above,
i'm hell far away from being one.

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14 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-02-07 18:28 ID:BYoBsAJ+

I don't know how you could call it an addiction just for having over 300 manga collected over a long period. Nobody calls somebody addicted for having hundreds of books in their personal library. Dork maybe, but not addicted.

15 Name: kyocs : 2007-03-15 18:02 ID:9WdiwO1U

damn, i am not even close to a wanna-be-otaku. time to collect more art books. !!!!!!!!!

16 Name: wtf? : 2007-03-16 03:19 ID:omMOmKWZ

why is it everytime i look at this damned board someone is asking whether or no they are an Otaku?

and by the way... why can judge as to whether or no you are an Otaku? the person thats says you aren't are prolly jealous. and the person who says you are prolly are not as far as you are in the scheme of things.

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17 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-08 14:18 ID:xxhn2z9q

My own collection is growing at around 3-4 GN per week so I can't imagine 300+ taking very long to amass (two years at the current rate.) You say you've been doing this since you were a kid? Time to start working a bit harder. ;-)

18 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-09 17:39 ID:O7TJIg3M

your not obsessed with manga? then your not a hard core otaku yet, maybe a wanna-be-otaku. I've got over 5,000 books and I started since I was in the 4th grade. It doesn't take a year to get past 300+ books if your that dedicated.

19 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-10 20:08 ID:rv+PUi1A

There is the rumor that North Korea troubled with money sells a nuclear weapon to a terrorist organization of Islam.
The possibility that U.S.A. falls into danger rises

20 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-10 23:17 ID:O7TJIg3M

how does North Korea tie in with this thread about some person wanting to know if the're an otaku? put this in the News section why don't you.

21 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-11 21:51 ID:Heaven


22 Name: mamushi_72_sai : 2007-04-11 23:25 ID:QL7o9FVn

HERE IS THE "OTAKU" TEST people often see you as a nerd?
2.have you never had a relationship?

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23 Name: american otaku : 2007-04-12 05:41 ID:omMOmKWZ

what the hell? um... i hate to burst your bubble not not all nerds are otaku's. they are just dumb ass nerds. and then there are nerds who become Otaku's because it makes them fit in somewhere.

and then there are people who have never had a relationship just because they are stupid fucks.

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24 Name: american otaku : 2007-04-12 05:41 ID:omMOmKWZ

In the western part of the world the word "Otaku" has gained much notoriety. The word is a loanword from the Japanese language, but in the English/international sense it is used to refer specifically to a fan of anime and manga, though it could refer to any "geek," in general. The term serves as a label not unlike many american terms (b-boy, gamer, skater, jock, RPer, punk, stoner, geek, bookworms, etc.) However, use of the label can be a source of contention among older anime fans. As in Japan, unpleasant stereotypes about otaku prevail in worldwide fan communities, and some anime fans express concern about the reputations these more extreme fans (or not so extreme but yet they use the word as if they are causing yet another division in the word Otaku). Some Japanese call those outside of Japan that are obsessed with Japanese culture and Anime "Wapanese" (much like the american terms wigger, wannabe, poser etc.)

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25 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-13 09:02 ID:O7TlcDU8

You can be an otaku with almost anything, right? Not just anime/manga/games. It's just a stronger passion for a certain interest than the general fan. A groupie of a band could be considered an otaku. Soap opera junkies could be otaku.

26 Name: american otaku : 2007-04-14 12:16 ID:omMOmKWZ

yep tis true tis true. but here peoples don't tend to say 'oh yeah, i'm a food-otaku'

27 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-15 04:35 ID:PmNQkqvC

>> you know i'm gonna write a fucking post about this in my blog cuz i get sick of this shit.

Oh shit son, the gloves are coming off!

28 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-15 12:41 ID:xxhn2z9q

True, that's more like a mania... foodmania.

29 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-28 20:14 ID:ZgIP56LE

can you be an otaku over a nation, then? I completely obsess over Russia.

30 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-04-28 20:30 ID:O7TlcDU8

Yeah, I'd say so.

31 Name: Shizuki-san : 2007-05-01 03:57 ID:smlGW1C5

Yes, I think you are an otaku. 300+ manga is a lot. :3

32 Name: shu : 2007-05-01 23:41 ID:hJDBsjco

hmm... I think that's normal As long as you don't to obsessed.

If you just saw a Manga otaku from his collection, how about my friends whose have a library of manga, which also had 7 or maybe 8 160GB of HDD full of manga, doujen, and something like that ^^.

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33 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2007-06-30 22:22 ID:ASmcg+VC

you're pretty much a "manga wota", yup

34 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-01 05:54 ID:oyLSyZCn

My collection just hit 200. At the present point in time my problem is that I obsessively buy each series in order. So I have to wait until the next volume is in stock, and then the volume after that sells out.

Thank goodness Death Note is finally over.

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35 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-12 21:06 ID:md2VVjSy

Being an Otaku or a Maniakku nowadays, for the most part, isn't necessarily as big of a thing as it used to be. It's really just liking something a lot, or pursuing a specific thing with a bit more passion than you'd stereotype as average.

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36 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-13 16:23 ID:LuVlJ1/g

I always understood that an otaku related more or less to a "useless" field. Such as manga, anime, ramen or trains, which don't really contribute much to one's life, unless you stretch it quite a bit.

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37 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-13 19:35 ID:md2VVjSy

That's a very legitimate way of thinking on it, considering the amount of people that don't make it a profession, and the amount that the word "otaku" refers to the specific genre of anime, manga, etc,...

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38 Name: Nurika : 2007-07-16 14:50 ID:PgphY0w3

I don't believe you are an otaku, because an otaku is literally defined as someone who is so obsessed with manga and anime that they lose hygiene and sleep, and even skip out on eating.

39 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-16 23:14 ID:BjmiL/xn

>>38 I thought an otaku was literaly defined as a nerd. Actually, wasn't the word otaku an archaic reference to a prestigious family or something along the lines, and then therews some anime in which a nerdy character referred to eveyone as 'otaku' and it became synonymous with the word 'nerd'? I'm pretty sure that's what happened... So any nerd can be otaku, right? And over here in english speaking countries, otaku just means anime/manga nerd, generally. They don't have to lose hygeine or sleep, right?

40 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-17 02:58 ID:md2VVjSy

yeah. It's defined more as a nerd or geek.
It's just really more of labeling a person that is a geek about anime/manga/game genres.
The label Otaku comes literally from the Japanese word otaku which means home. So it's really just someone that would prefer to stay home and enjoy the Otaku genres of entertainment to going out and socializing.

41 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-18 22:18 ID:2rVvHjmP

109 Manga, 300Gb of anime saved up, 52 PS2 games, modded PSP, DS with R4 and thousands of burned Japanese games for psone but I only basicly play the fighters, rpgs and Super Robot Taisen for those, unhealthy obsession for Touhou (can beat it on lunatic) and stepmania and IDX...Am I an Otaku?

42 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-19 01:02 ID:md2VVjSy

Got me beat.

Let's see what I got..

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43 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-19 01:54 ID:2rVvHjmP

Yes we should take pride in what we are...after all we are only doing what we enjoy.

44 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-20 04:50 ID:oyLSyZCn

Just over 200 manga (in paper), 2-3 manga on hard disk (what can I say, I don't like reading on a computer screen), about 20 anime box sets, around 1.5TB of anime burned to DVD, a lot of which is going to go onto my new hard disk array soon so that it can be more accessible.

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45 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-20 06:55 ID:2rVvHjmP

If you played kanon then you are an otaku...Kanon is the baptism of an otaku

46 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-20 22:44 ID:md2VVjSy


No you're most likely otaku. the term otaku doesn't revolve around just that one thing.

47 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-23 01:53 ID:oyLSyZCn


I know, I was making a funny. One of those eroge is in fact Kanon so I probably do actually qualify anyway.

48 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-07-24 01:46 ID:md2VVjSy

lol I gotcha.
As to Kanon 45's got a point lol

49 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-01 20:27 ID:qtCh5CNG

4 Manga, nothing else.

My compture is mah lyfe.

50 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-04 06:21 ID:Y5hnQIHq

Let's see...

If you're obsessed with just one series (ie; Naruto and Inuyasha, and no, I'm very sure you're not this kind), no, you are a lameass poser and more of a Star Trek Obsessive.

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51 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-05 13:29 ID:oyLSyZCn

The world does revolve around Japan, that's why almost all giant monster attacks land on Tokyo and not on New York.

52 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-06 04:48 ID:2rVvHjmP

If you cried more watching Kanon or Air than you did when the Twin Towers fell...

53 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-06 06:47 ID:Heaven

Did anyone cry when the twin towers fell, except for people directly affected by it due to people they know being in the building at the time? I only remember going "wow. That's shiny."

54 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-06 07:24 ID:qRT9EOdx

No tears here. I was more freaked out than emotional distressed over it, myself.

55 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-08-06 18:21 ID:md2VVjSy

>> 54

yeah same here pretty much. more of a shock than distress.

56 Name: 1pieceman : 2007-11-06 20:02 ID:tfoF7ISb

i guess if you love what you read and your having fun doing what you love then why should you be labeled about it...I love alot of series and I have so much manga and anime related things and its the fact that I love all of it that makes me human.

57 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-08 14:36 ID:3Nfw8Y0n

It really depends on you. You just don't become an otaku. You wake up one morning, and are just like "I'm an otaku." Something like that.

58 Name: edsgirl : 2007-11-11 21:49 ID:ITaqCNpn

when i wake up in the morning, im like "wow.. im an otaku, im a wierdo." but that doesnt bther me too much, but believe me, where i live, being an otaku is really hard. now lets talk about u. if u rly love manga and watch anime 12/7, your an otaku, im not saying its bad.

59 Name: 1pieceman : 2007-11-11 23:32 ID:tfoF7ISb

I agree, if you love what you like and all then i guess you can call yourself an otaku.

60 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-13 13:31 ID:zvTtc9a0

if you can't explain why you like YKK, you're an otaku

61 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-14 13:14 ID:oyLSyZCn

And if you can explain it, you're an even bigger otaku.

62 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-14 16:16 ID:P0E7Vs2p


Don't get it,... I like YKK, and I'm not an otaku. Why should you be an otaku if you like YKK, but can't explain it? Communication problems?

63 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-14 21:23 ID:+Rh4I14Q

do you even KNOW japanese?
オタク (n) (col) geek; nerd; enthusiast
...lemme guess, you get the deffinition from hand maid may with the creepy neighbor locked away in his room and who only came out for the "cute little girl" and tried to give her all that stuff...

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64 Name: 1pieceman : 2007-11-14 22:39 ID:tfoF7ISb

i agree with the adult swim stuff ......but..

65 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-11-18 00:47 ID:Nv8yb605

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō?

66 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-13 00:31 ID:MbA7VYQM

I dont think you could be considered an otaku unless your totally obsessed with collectibles and such.
although that is a lot of manga XD

67 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-13 02:05 ID:oyLSyZCn

300 isn't much. My collection is up to 300 now.

68 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-19 08:05 ID:KvvXt1TT

In Japan, it is not much for the name of "Otaku".
Otaku have over 1000 comics.
Do you have any figure or charactor doll?

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69 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-19 09:39 ID:Heaven

I'm saved. Since I really don't like figures or character dolls, I will never buy one, and thus will never be an otaku.

Although I have on numerous occasions wondered if 1:1 silicone dolls will ever get good enough to have a realistic Nagato Yuki sitting in a chair in my house, I doubt the sentiment is enough and I would actually need to buy it to get there.

70 Name: 68 : 2007-12-19 11:18 ID:KvvXt1TT

I think you just love the charactor of Yuki-Nagato as real human.(If her existence is real, ofcource.)
She is surely cute but if you find nice girlfriend, you will

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71 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-20 13:00 ID:Heaven

Yuki is cute and reliable and probably does what she's told (I imagine a load of eromanga has already gone there) but I like to talk with my girls and she wouldn't be very good at conversation.

If we were debating over which SuzuHaru character is most worthy as a girlfriend, it would be Sasaki. Certainly Haruhi would be right out, because I wouldn't be fond of the universe being remade every time I pissed her off somehow. That's where Sasaki is a safe bet -- she could remake the universe, but she doesn't have the wild tendency to actually go off and do it. Yet because she still has all the same powers, this allows her to save me when necessary, so she may turn out to be as useful as Yuki.

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72 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-24 09:27 ID:8idolQps

Be warned-finding a girlfriend does not make you stop liking anime and manga.

My girlfriend and I both watch anime together a lot and will discuss and swap manga, though our interests vary. I like the comedy where she prefers more serious things.

73 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-25 18:53 ID:mwCqJ35F

The simple fact that you are sking if you are an otaku is a sign you arent.
For the most part otaku like to pretend they arent.

I win you fail.

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74 Name: bunnymee : 2007-12-29 04:41 ID:WXb1lBPJ

please don't say ,more than 1000 manga books, 'coz I have those stuff. and also I have few anime dolls. I don't wanna called myself an Otaku. BTW, I'm a girl, and already collecting manga since i was in 3rd grade .

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75 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-29 11:54 ID:Heaven

ob: Contact details please.

76 Name: Dan-Dan : 2007-12-30 02:36 ID:mwCqJ35F

Don't consider yourself an otaku.
In reality otaku is a negative connotation. Personally, just be you and dont worry about what others label you as. Frankly, if you want advice from me, then take it as this:
You can have more than one intrest.

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77 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2007-12-30 11:36 ID:Heaven


> It's like heroin only without the withdrawls.
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78 Name: StressedSister : 2009-10-12 01:28 ID:vXVjMdee

=_= i think my sister is a asain otaku.
i love mangas and anime and even lolita clothing...
But her on the other hand never goes away from her computer never had a boyfriend [becuase shes so picky and only wants a hot asain boyfriend =-=] we both kind a know a little japanese[more like just what the characters mean ^-^""] and she never goes out even though she has a lot of friends she is loves korean music to a extrem knows all the dances to them too and she has asian withdraws when she goes a few hours without reading a manga watching a anime or watching her asian soaps[dramas] im really worried about her.

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79 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-10-12 14:51 ID:N1woJmJe

I don't see why you feel the need to force her out of something that she seems to enjoy.

80 Name: W-roar man : 2009-10-30 03:38 ID:pkAoD2Id

Hmmmm.... I see why you'd be worried. I gots a younger sibling who I'd be worried about too if that was the case.
In response for >>79, I would have to disagree. being in relationships with friends is a very important experience in a person's life... yada yada yada.... but you get my point. I would guess you've tried talking to her?

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81 Name: random Managa/anime otaku 101 : 2009-11-20 17:42 ID:EvsbN2rJ

ha i love manga's and naime's for so long i started in 3ed grad but i only have 63 or 61 because i layed of for a while but now im so into it again!! X3 i just love the way they make me feel exicited and pumped!!!! i call my self a manga otaku to and pround of it and u should be to! :]
Freedom of speech 101

82 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-01-23 11:12 ID:QbK9U8Tb

am i considered an otaku?

i don't collect any manga but i read online all the time because i can't afford the manga. i'm a neet and freeta atm. i don't let others know really i read manga cuz it's a bit embarrasing b/c i obsess over it. instead of doing what i should be doing i escape in the manga world. i don't watch anime tho except for bleach b/c i feel anime is too slow.

83 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-03-09 10:40 ID:Heaven


I'd... say you're otaku. You seem like a big fan of manga. :)

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