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Japanese VS Western music (94)

45 Name: kirita : 2008-12-05 00:04 ID:Cgl2R718

i listen to a lot of japanese music, mostly jrock. i also listen to 'western' music. i actually listen to all kinds of music- japanese, korean, taiwanese, arabic, hindi, latin.... i span genres- mostly rock/metal, but with random pop thrown in, lots of dance/ hip hip/ techno etc. i have musical A.D.D. haha.

but i agree with >>44- music is music. even if it's not my thing, i understand that other people may enjoy it (like country music- i hate it, but whatever floats your boat...). why knock what someone else finds joy and meaning in?

as for the concert thing- in the past year i have seen miyavi and dir en grey in concert, and they were each amazing in their own ways. the difference from other concerts i've seen- not much is different... there was a much more close/ loving feeling in the audience, but that was probably because the venues were smaller than other concerts i've been to :0)