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Japanese VS Western music (94)

53 Name: Linus Torvalds Jr. : 2008-12-24 14:11 ID:R4D2CUnq

I prefer Japanese music. I come from the UK, and I don't like the popular music here at all.
At least, I don't like the modern popular music - it's all Oasis and Lily Allen clones and similar, and manufactured bands like "Girls Aloud" and so on.
I can't say much for American music, but I'm not impressed with most of the popular modern stuff I've heard from america.

But I like a lot of popular music from the 80s/90s (from the UK/America/etc).

Old bands/musicians I like:
Genesis, The Police, Sting, Billy Idol, Racer X

But mainly, most of the music I listen to is Japanese, because most of the music I listen to comes from video games. I'm not sure why, but video game music seems a lot more interesting to me than popular music.

I think it might be because popular music is designed to sell well, while video game music is designed to fit a theme, or just designed however the composer felt like it.
Another thing is, I'm keen on the sound of synthesizers.

I'm enthusiastic about music, and I try to write music myself now and then, but I don't call myself a musician. I only do music for fun, and I don't have any musical training.