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The *chans and people there (7)

1 Name: Katamari Bowl : 2007-10-07 21:09 ID:oqLRSkPx

I've been to a few *chan imageboards and stuff I've seen there... let's say I wish I didn't see some of it, ok? :) But this looks ok, here I could find my place.

My question is: What do the rest of you think about these types of forums/imageboards? How do the English imageboards differ from Japanese imageboards?

2 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 01:30 ID:x6wjbQCP

4-ch actually isn't in that culture.

Japanese image and text boards are different from English boards in that they actually discuss things without acting like an ass like they do at say 4chan.

3 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 03:19 ID:pH4M2b8Y

> I wish I didn't see some of it

Too late, you can't unsee it.

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4 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 03:23 ID:pH4M2b8Y

Also, corean eat dog, uncivilised people made civil by noble imperial japanese army.
2-ch has whole boards dedicated to anti-korean/chinese sentiment. Really.

5 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 05:16 ID:CWt2iYea

I think that image boards are alright, and I frequent a few a lot (4chan, 7chan, kochan, etc.). I love the anonymous aspect. I like 4-ch a lot because it is for straight actual discussion. I'm not saying that there isn't actual discussion at places like 4chan, but in 4-ch, we seem to stay on topic and be more serious a lot more. This would change if we became a lot more popular, yet it does save us from a lot of problems (CP, thread derailing, porn floods, etc.), so we have to worry about a lot less.

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6 Name: Katamari Bowl : 2007-10-08 06:29 ID:fRYARs60


I noticed the difference the moment I set foot on 4-ch - noticeable lack of CP and all the other things. I like that a lot, I've been searching for a forum/board where one can stick to a topic and discuss it.

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7 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2018-05-30 01:18 ID:5i5cCiD+

  1. What is the Japanese mindset?
  2. What is the Western mindset?

How can we make a global mindset?