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Next Big Internet Thing (77)

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I think there's plenty of great communication platforms today. From a purely objective standpoint modern social media and chat platforms are way better for communication than sites like this one.

I think your problem, and indeed the problem of most people here, is that you've fallen victim to the generational gap. The world you understand is shrinking rapidly as sites you once cherished either die or change to the point where they're no longer recognizable, and a new generation with different norms and values begins to outnumber yours.

Things change with time. The world you knew isn't coming back, and the new generation doesn't want it back. I've met zoomers who've called old geocities sites eyesores and have no idea how to even use the likes of IRC, let alone the desire to do so

The reality of the situation is that things change with time. You can either accept it and move on with your life, or stay here, wallowing in your misery.