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When is a community "dead" (14)

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I've always had trouble defineing the difference between a website that is slow like 4-ch or tgchan, and a website that is dead like 99chan or 7chan

I feel like the unity of the community has a lot to do with it. 4-ch has a "core" group of dedicated users as well as a style of posting that is specific to itself. The threads all feel like they're a part of something greater; as if they were all connected in some way

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I meant: "why is this site dying?" mixed with "fuck off, newfag"

I keep forgetting that this particular textboard has fucked up markup

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You can set no markup

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This is why chatting like Telegram, IRC, and Discord is so much more popular. It is easier to tell if it is dead or not.

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I think you had a pretty good handle on a definition in your OP.

The separation occurs between a [dead community] and a [dead website]. They are very different things. You can have an incredibly active website that has less of a community than Facebook. Or a very slow website like 4-ch that has a cohesive flavor and is used by pretty much the same people, or type of people, for decades. The relationships dividing them are simple mathematics.

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Both the article and commentary are a good read and I find many of the insights to be very true. Many have a subconscious awareness of those mechanics, but having it put into so many words might help people grasping at explanations.

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I've always liked this essay bar one line

>At best you can charge them admission or a subscription fee, but they’ll inevitably argue that this is wrong because capitalism is evil, and also because they forgot their wallet.
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lmao, then they should learn, discover and eventually become oldfags themselves, just like it has happened for so many years now here and in other places.

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these two get it