Slough (7)

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It is scary. Because the meteorite might drop, it is scary. It frightens it. The fireplace burns. I burnt. It ..Omo.. burnt with ..combustion... It attached, it was suitable whether to ignite firewood or faintly wished to either combustion and , combustion though it burnt because it burnt when it was selfish when it rolled because it became feeling burning that burnt the burning furnace must burn. However, it was good by some means whether to burn or not to burn in reality. The real intention : sincerity so under the skin. I can be me in me in me as long as the meteorite doesn't drop. I put it by me. You may ..meteorite.. fall separately. It crashes somewhere else and not falling my.. aiming is in.
…… Ah it is time when it communicates slowly with space ……. It is unpleasant. I do not want to have communicated any longer. It is unpleasant. To begin with, the communication clothes are unpleasant. I will not communicate with determined today of today. I do not communicate. I do not want to communicate. Therefore, it doesn't communicate. It is, is .... already unpleasant, and all things coiled round are unpleasant in the communication. It is necessary to put on such disagreeable clothes why. However, if it doesn't put on this translucent wet suit, Cahira of the echo of the shining γ wave cannot be sensed from the hub of the universe. It is made of the vinyl that tightly fits the skin. You may say the stark-naked almost. It is necessary to walk to the communication place that exists in the height in this appearance on foot for five minutes. There is nothing, too, even if it is said the communication place. It looks down at the town and plains in the height covered with blue copper ore. The pupil with blue red eye difference and the indigo ahead of that. It goes up the stairs of three steps, and the communication with space starts. I was certainly unpleasant in current life. Therefore, communication person's qualification held out even if it took it. The examinee who gathered in communication person's exam hall was Oratsu person. Because it is what ..the Jupiter... However, it did not heal it when thinking that it was a first step that became every day when it fought against eyes of the prejudice at the people. The communication on the weekend is especially painful of me. A nearby soon in this height road for the zoo if it doesn't descend. It is in there are guys who walk from the station, too, and has a hearty laugh when I who is communicating am taken away with copy Me though it is not necessary to pass if it is from a parking lot in case of an unpleasant car. It is necessary to actualize my potentiality to communicate with space. Then, it is a sexual desire to occupy a big possession. People are finished the life by an aged planet where it was called ether and explode in old times of wave motion and ancient times of the periodic function of y=sin(θ+π) that exists in the bottom in the brain in gushing out of man's blind sexual desire that doesn't wither. Energy that makes a huge gravitational field can receive the cycle in ∞ azimuth when it erects, and the ratio from which the testicle makes the sperm and the ratio of the revolution differences between the moon and the earth become 3:7 the commotion putting out in my inside of the body, and the moment approaches 0 unlimitedly. In a word, it approaches infinite Sadamu's geostationary. The information exchange speed with the distance in a little number of seconds becomes by that and contacting with the intelligent life in another planet becomes possible by the thing that narrows to the range of understanding where man can recognize the object. For me, I am a space communication person.

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Ah I am nevertheless a fate where it should go to communicate again today. If without permission is missed even only the first it, the communication person's being deprived of the qualification is clear. The communication person who descended on the field communicated with space by no permission and it was heard that it was erased in doing and the dark when it might have dealings from the communication over the insider of a different employment with it put on a translucent wet suit by obtained information the remainder in the desire of being able on a roll though wanted though it was good if ending because of the dismissal if it did not keep transmitting latest communication information every day. And, the communication is said the body of the former communication person who is a sensitive skin who can feel the suitable electric wave good quality having dealings by high price and being made the material of Parabonaantena. I became reconsidering naked the rumor of such a wind by chance. It begins to put on the communication clothes when it must still be in time at time if running. The leisure given we to communication people for three hours a day. Sooner or later..sleep..appropriate..meal..finish.No holiday and natural all the year round. Oco had been put out my small already. Dyeing all things seen to adjust bonds of space and my mind to one so that my spirit and body are exchanged with space to Oraro is not impossible the way though it hurries to the height if it is this condition. In a word, it is possible. However, if it doesn't become natural high more. The moment is not delayed, and either it early. Ah, and it wants to exceed times too much and to live though Ore already wants to die. It is alive. It is a stay soul in me, and lead me to bliss. There are fortunately no one in the communication place. It is a pain from which the head is hit as soon as coming. This is a communication. I horizontally expand its hand. Pleasant. The electric wave that becomes complicated becomes an innumerable wave and my body is scrubbed up. To massage it, it rubs up. Pleasant. There is no petal in cherry blossoms in mountains that are looked and passed. The flowering of Somei-Yoshino cherry tree seems to be a little late. It ..body.. becomes numb. It comes, and it gives it. ..electric wave.. do not break off. It comes, and it gives it. Ah immediately before surging of the electric wave the faint and me. It noticed though there was a girl who was watching such me. Moreover, the communication clothes are worn surprisingly. There was a communication person in this town also excluding me. It ends on this day called my solitude is today. However, she goes down to the town around when it is thought that I noticed and she takes it. Ah if it doesn't start is ..O... However, the electric wave cannot escape from the electric wave. Ah her appearance has disappeared. It is useless by all means. The magnetic field where the electric wave that turns up the heat is strong cannot be taken and moving take making my body. Does not she do both fates with me?Were you born under a different star?Ah however, it is pleasant. It is pleasant. Because it is feeling, what becomes trivial, too. It seems to be foolish. The pleasure of this electric wave seems to have power that changes the communication person into the laday-killer. It is unbearably pleasant. It is pleasant as it is not possible to express it in the word. I too much have been ..body.. exposed. Too much..mind..lay one's chest bare..welcome..aspect..communication..person..appeal.It permits each other. I am a newborn life of the ground.

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The forelock that reflects in the mirror of the elevator is lacked several times and raised. It is an offer that came after a long time. It is said that it can communicate in the veranda. Apartment house and veranda of the 11th floor. It is this and goodposition that not is to push the distance feeling with an innumerable star star where the rose was scattered on the town light and the celestial sphere that calyx people manage the resignation at night and to measure breaking the atmosphere in the interstice of surface of the earth and the ozonosphere. The liquid of amount in which it sweats is assumed to be a styling spritz and it tidies one's hair. This is not Hagecac doing at all. The hair level only worries. It frightens it. It is scared that it is frightening though what you frighten is not understood. However, though it is made to notice that it was only an anxiety though it is in the middle of the thing's ending always soon. The action on the madman is goodvibration now when it is a rotted unmotivated bean sprout if there is ……, power or unfriendly neither or gentleness if it knows this since childhood. should not. I jumped into it indoors. One room of Tsmetama people there as for the guitar that cannot play Hotelcalfolnia. Any guitar exists only because of the noise, and the singing voice also speaks with a local accent. It is window-side people' meetings. These window-side people want to put those songs on the communication cycle. On a roll is that it becomes in the communication cycle and the metagalaxy becomes an audience as for it. There must be an intellectual life that believes in wide space and us when it is a brilliant god though it is if cornered to the window side in the earth. It is Kirakira Cata as for their leader eyes. This leader is does a turn one's back to in the smoking place every day to everyone and is smoking the cigarette. Smoke is blown from the mouth without showing everyone the back, averting the back at the people, averting the back to the human race, looking up at the sun, and seeing. This sexual dysfunction trouble syndrome patient had infiltrated the meeting yukkulism. It is not because of talking. The leader only goes to the meeting space where only a certain companion exists in the smoking place by the knuckle walking. It was possible to walk only by this after it had thrown out one's back out. To lick the floor looking down if you do not see. The person who was born in this world throws tears. It is reluctant even if it loves if not loved. Why do not it ..".. float us on stepping on the foot in the earth that ..mother.. becomes it as a person?Why are not you accepted?Why..alienate.Leader's irritation moving Toukibi held by one hand sideward right and left and returning it. Is only this my ..".. walking?Besides..provide.
"…… though it is ..calling.. Ocaco Susumu" and "It is foolish. "".
「It is foolish to come. We are not interested in you. It is only a fig tree and a mango that we are interested. 」
The reader : while walking to taking in fruits casually put on the table in the knuckle walking when saying so. "Our songs where. "
"How many"
"Well …… and where are good?"
"It is good in the star. "
"Embarrass it ..such …… and about.. .., me... "
It had the sense of my one. The space of the solar wind was sewn and the circuit of a certain cycle was being built over there of an empty distortion in the head when ..being able to say as the labyrinth.. interplanetary. However, I at this time did not know the black hole was able to be being done in the point of 170,000 northwest light-years. Such a tragedy might not have been put if it knew. I am not irrelevant to the tragedy that came to window-side people. It can be said the unpleasant straw mat assailant. It is careless of me. However, if this tragedy did not exist, I should have been dead without knowing love of you. I should talk about their death externals while being afflicted because of the attention of regret.

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not really.

5 あぼーん

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However, it will not say now.
It is because it is likely to have to say from the elegy to another that happens to them more. Such fellows might have it neither talking ahead of this at the life nor hear.
It is in 3 and 4 years in the elementary school that I went to the dentist for the first time. I young was painful. It had there was a young odontology department assistant there, and the lovely face that seemed to be stabbed. With a smile the about two years later there again when beginning to commute , saying that "No ..pain..". The she became a mature woman and my teeth were looked after again. The finger was thrown in by the mouth, and I wanted to suck and was reluctant. It has been felt that it is blamed though it is variously Grigried, and it had a pain in the tongue. Grows, and, anyhow, has not stopped any longer. Pants had been wet in the liquid ahead when noticing. Isn't it abnormal?Think if you think so. However, this it clearly insists is a pure love. Tonight and next world are crazy about the daughter of my. It is glad to meet the person who knows 20 years or more again thus through time only because of it. It was seen to carry social insurance and she said, "It was good". However, I was ashamed of being only in a poor communication person. The these kind of things byte is put. I had been watching her eyes while teeth were being fiddled. The dental clinic is somehow. It was easy to have gone rather in it. It doesn't settle down my beautiful point. I like place that declines somehow.
Putting the chair of the light niece of a vivid color the stained glass on the tip of the door the bar that not is only two people the guest quietly and the every Jack and Gill are ..cocktail.. crowded on mouth. Another guest came to break ..such ennui.. Yuube. Entering so : in ahead and the communication person me 30. It has the brief bag bag in a translucent vinyl jacket.
"It must be what. "
A man of "Communication person" garter belt answered.
"What deflecting"
「It doesn't know. ..seem to being able the communication with space..」
"That person"
" .."..
"..lie.. ?"
"Communicate why. "
「…… It is not understood. Do when hearing it?」
A man of the garter belt is in. It is because of coming to throwing grinning communication person's eyes are disagreeable and it laughed. Only these are my eyes. I vomit Kemuri of the cigarette from the mouth so that Entots may put out Kemuri, and am "Here is not a drugstore, and the medicine can be easily bought in the drugstore. "「It masters, and it puts it away. Drugstore」
"Open. " "Put it away. "「Beat. However, it is opened. 」
The person calls Astoral there. Astoral is necessary for everyone. Necessity from love. Love is unnecessary as long as there is Astoral field.
A man of the garter belt never showed anyone the smile. There is no one that it is possible to make this man regain the smile again now. This man was from beginning to end silent. The monthly salary is 100,000 yen. It stepped into a bath before it worked based on under from the rented house of the rent 55,000 yen to the bridge where it had been living till then early morning of Yasonsen after life had become painful, and the return returned to the base again washing in the launderette.
It was and was quite convenient so that the vending machine was near.

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Further conclusive evidence that /nihongo/ is popularly read as /neurotic/

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