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1 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-01 02:27 ID:6yKv9ta0

I just started two weeks ago working as a QA Tester for a Game Publishing company. My problem concerns my Team Lead. Actually he is taking the place of our old team lead while he is out of town. As I was leaving for home on Friday, my team lead pulled me over to to talk to me. He told me that I need to step up since everyone else is submitting four to five bug reports a day. Also he mentioned that I submitted a report to the wrong game. Lastly he told me that I was asking him questions to things about work I should already know. Of course I was disappointed and he told me he understood and said If I am willing to improve that I should come back to work and ask him for help.

To be honest I hate him now. I have been having real violent thoughts about him I feel like he was being cruel and talking down to me. I am thinking about quiting my job. I just don't feel welcome there anymore and I am worried about not doing a good enough performance at work. And If I get pulled aside for asking questions how am I supposed to do anything? I just don't want to get pulled aside to be told how much I suck at work again. Plus I don't want to see him there with his fake kindness.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-01 02:58 ID:ZMpXgo+K

Honestly, for now, just grin and bear it, and do your best to make him think you're a valuable asset to the team, even if it does mean acting like a moronic drone. If I were you, talk to your coworkers and ask what tactics they use for meeting the guy's demands. Ask your coworkers any questions about procedure, rather than Mr. incompetent lead. Basically, act like he's the coolest dude in the world, then go home and vent stress however necessary (I recommend a good FPS.) It's only until the other lead returns, so just hang in there. After your normal lead returns you can discuss the situation with him/her and ask his/her thoughts on the matter. Then based on that feedback you can make your decision whether this position is for you or not.

I have to mention though that this guy sounds like a complete moron. I've been a QA lead for an MMO publishing company, and I never did any of that crap.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-01 05:58 ID:6yKv9ta0

Thanks but I don't think I can let this go as far as I am concerned this guy is my enemy. Now I don't want any of his kindness or possible friendship. I am willing to bear working for him but our only dialog between each other is me asking what build I should work on next. He took all the joy I had working for that place.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-01 10:45 ID:0bV5jYjm

He's not necessarily your enemy. It's just that companies are not NGOs, and, regardless of if it's true or false, he thinks he's not getting his money's worth. Believe me when I say that chances are that this had to be hard for him to say as well, unless he's indeed a total asshole which, in this kind of field, is statistically more difficult. (In anything related to software, the typical boss is a Pointy-Haired Boss who's a complete buzzword-repeating incompetent, but not particularly evil.)

Just do your best, stay focused, avoid wasting time and focus hating him, and ask your co-workers for help instead of him, and let's see what happens.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-01 15:17 ID:6yKv9ta0

Alright I'll try. Hey I gotta get paid after all and keep up the rent.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-02 12:46 ID:YP/pEbEY

Well let's look at it this way;

  • You're not as productive as the rest of the group
  • You submitted a report to the wrong game
  • You're asking questions which you apparently should know the answers for

So what is wrong about him telling you to pull your weight?

7 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-02 18:07 ID:mRL9e+To

Number of issues submitted != productivity.
I used to be a QA lead for an MMORPG publisher, if an employee only submitted 1 bug in a day's work, fine, if it took that long to properly find, reproduce, verify, and document, then that employee was no less productive than anybody else. Unfortunately some QA people have this asinine attitude that more = better. This leads to problems such as duplicates and non-issues, which just end up wasting everybody's time and causing LESS overall productivity.

Additionally, there's nothing wrong with asking questions. Sometimes employees forget, especially if they're new; it takes a while to memorize every little procedure. Good leads have patience and don't mind reiterating things once in a while or clarifying things the employee may not know.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-02 22:42 ID:Heaven

Woah, lots of QA leads in this thread.
(i'm not being sarcastic or anything, ok?)

9 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-02 23:58 ID:hczUTFbH


>Honestly, for now, just grin and bear it,

Theres your answer, OP. No matter what your job is in life, your boss/manager/team lead is always going to be a cock sucker you wish you could painfully kill. That's just life. That's also was labour unions are for.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2012-03-08 08:08 ID:P7Pr7HEO

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