help for hikikomoris? (1)

1 Name: frenchbriefs : 2012-02-19 11:29 ID:kHXGnI7k

guys,does anyone know of any help centers i could go to seek help for my social disorder?i live in singapore and im currently 23 years old.
i have been a social recluse for over 6 years now and iv never knew what to do to help myself break free of the cycle,during this period i had to leave my home to try to get my vocational cert and serve my national service but i had great difficulty socializing with others due to my prolong periods of isolation and my deteriorating social a result i mostly kept to myself during my 2 years stint in the military for the fear of being bullied.

iv tried apporaching my aunt for help although she is kind to me,she could not possibly support me emotionally as she has a family of her own and i do not wish to burden them with my presence.

does anybody know of hikikomori centers in the states or u.k since most of the information i could find on the internet were in japan.or perhaps a host family that would understand my plight and take me in while i try to pick up some social skills and get a education.i know im in a terrible shape but i still have some hope that things might get better one day whatever that may be.

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