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Even the nerds look down on me (36)

25 Name: JC : 2009-01-28 06:24 ID:/sk5uzzx

Hello OP, I'm fairly new here, but I felt the need of replying to your post with some problems of my own...I wish someone could help me...sorry if this post is too long...
Anyway, I'm 18 YO, no girlfriend or anything; I'm your average nice guy. The one who isn't funny at all and makes people bored of him. I also let myself get stepped on, regretting later.
No sense of humor whatsoever (can't laugh...other than a fake and forced giggle) I also feel like I can't contribute anything smart or funny to a conversation...or maybe I'm just being to hard with myself...even though sometimes i feel my (2) friends get bored of me and they'd rather be with someone else.
Meeting new people is hard for me. Because of the reaons I already mentioned, I can start a conversation easily (maybe not so much...) but I cant turn it into a lasting bond between two people. It's really hard, especially now that I'm starting in a new school.