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Even the nerds look down on me (36)

3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-12 07:57 ID:iIWE/xhB

Well, taking drugs certainly is not the way to start to socialize. Many people drink alcohol exactly for those purposes, but it's also a bad idea (I knew someone who drunk himself to death because he could only socialize when drunk). Also, I'm sure it's not women per se that scare you, but rather than any human contact scares you. But don't delude yourself. If you want a girlfriend, you NEED to become a more social person.

I would start by basics: since you are not used to social contact, exposure to others will tire you a lot. Because of that, you really need to be motivated to do it. So review your interests, and see how they can translate to social activities. Because if you just try to socialize without being interested in the context, you will bore yourself to death.