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What do you think of Indians? (73)

1 Name: sticgum : 2009-06-20 15:48 ID:kwJwN2ny

Hi. This might seem like an unusual request. I am from India, and I am going to US for studies from this fall. I haven't met many Americans in person, so this is going to be my first exposure to the US. I am quite sure that the majority of posters in 4ch are americans, hence, I would like to ask you a question-
What do you think of Indians as people? What do you think of them when you speak to them? What kind of an impression does an average Indian's personality create on you?

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64 Name: art : 2012-08-23 00:02 ID:wzCTziNb

I dont hate indians cause i went to i high school out there. But i have to say that indians have big time attitude problems here in USA. Specially if you are in Northwest coast..i believe most of them work for microsoft or one of those big corporate entities and they think that they are super human being.. I worked at the restaurant and all these indians they act like they dont even notice me just b coz i am a waiter in the freaking indian restaurant of my circumstances...well i am an international student and there is no other place to work than this.....also 95% of the indian restaurant owner do not pay tips to the server or waiter...they will keep to pls dont leave tips to this crooks...they really think that their food is the best...thier country is the best ..and their movies are great...they proudly represent american eagle, hollister and armani and other freaking cheap ass brands on thier chest and they walk like they have own everything in the world....seriosuly i try to talk to them and be friend but thier attitude turns off all the doors for friendship...i dont know how bill gates trust all these indians...they come to america just to make dollars and thats it ...they are ruining our economy in every single way because they are too smart to get by the law......o god i can write pages and pages because i been around these people too much...but since i went to school thier i have learnt ways to get around them if they show attitude to doesnt apply to every single indian but thats what the majority pls if u are coming here to study and if u have all that tight jeans and hollister, american eagle and abercombie printed shirts leave those that in india or give to people in slum....u can bring ur dhotis and rupa ganiya...u look better in that than those outfits....sorry i am not trying to becoming mean...but you Indians are too much mean to other people...even those who are born here....they are perfectly fit to be in indian cinema theatre all the time with their sweaty hairy partners.....!!!! one more time guys...dont leave tips at indian restaurant....they take it all...never give it to poor waiters and servers especially other international students who works for them.....i am darn serious!!!!!jay hind!!!!

65 Name: leo : 2012-08-24 00:59 ID:5Zq0M5nc

I work as a maintenanace in NJ.
Most of are tenants are Indian highly educated.
They apt are filthy smelly.I just don't understand it .
Most of them live like animals.

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66 Name: Jean : 2012-09-01 21:15 ID:orNl1H+N

I have to say I always saw Indians as hard working polite people. When I lived in the UK I couldn't understand why people hated them. Until I advertised for a roommate. A Indian Dr. in his 2nd year of residency applied and I felt well he would be clean and
quiet. Quiet maybe but clean NO! FILTHY! I had to give him notice to vacate due to the filth, I had told him about it numerous times. OMG the bathroom is disgusting..I have seen subways that are cleaner. And he never listens, perhaps because I a am a woman. 14 days and counting and I am going to have to get a new mattress (as rooms were furnished) Have the entire second floor cleaned. He won't see a penny of his security...too dirty and smelly.

67 Name: Melissa : 2012-09-21 19:46 ID:uvSuRWLe

To Jean - It doesn't have anything to do with being a woman. My roommate is Indian and she's a female (and so am I). She is so dirty. Every time she uses the kitchen she leaves a mess everywhere. She leaves food on the kitchen counter tops (one morning I went into the kitchen to cook breakfast and there's a drumstick on the counter), sauce is everywhere including on the walls and all over the floor and she won't clean it, she leaves dirty dishes in the sink overnight - I can go on and on. It's so weird because I cook all the time and always make sure to clean thoroughly - that's how I was taught in my family.

68 Name: So : 2013-02-14 18:26 ID:Y2NyEsVV

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69 Name: AntiRomanceScammer : 2017-11-11 06:39 ID:0NiI6BPk

Hindu or Muslim, almost everyone in the Indian continent cannot be trusted about anything and they're worst than the British tabloids, they network to sabotage by gossip, first anyone who is not Indians, next anyone who is t from their respective caste, third, fourth, fifth ..... So much are the sizing up of people. And they've got this kick out of the most malevolent practice of disgracing people especially ones they can bully or find vulnerable. They're all cowards, they're sheepish when each alone but turn into true perpetrators as groups. Horrible people! Scum of Asia!

70 Name: TheOneAfterAll : 2018-01-30 02:39 ID:5jNxOWdM

Indians are raised in a poor, third world country. Hence, the vast majority of of them do not know how to maintain a simple household.

1) Filthy - the apartments they rent are filthy, they never clean, and the bathroom is hell. Living like Pigs.

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72 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-16 15:09 ID:Heaven

Speaking of Indians...

73 Name: Monika : 2018-07-22 19:34 ID:wIJqhdRn

I think that not all of them are like this. I know some, they are completely different. For those who decide to go there or come to the US, there is a good F-191 form (<a href=></a>), which can be useful. Maybe someone will need it, so I decided to leave it here... :)