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I just want somone to fucking hug me. (59)

41 Name: mezz : 2011-06-15 14:00 ID:aqv/Yc2v

I suggest that you get a cat or a dog, and if you can't afford a real one, then get a stuffed one. Everyone feels like this at times and it is completely normal. What is unrealistic is to expect people to just give you random hugs. It appears needy and clingy and people can be turned off by this. However, an affectionate pet would not be turned off by this.

If you truly crave hugs from humans and you have to always initiate the hugs, the question you would ask yourself is: Would I hug me? It's not just a matter of showering regularly. Are you sweet-smelling on the inside as well? Do you express love through your other actions as well or just through your hugs? Have you ever hugged yourself- I mean, your inner child? Do it now. Imagine that your inner child is sitting on your lap and that you are embracing him or her. Believe that you- all of you, not just your physicality, is hug-gable.

I hope you can appreciate that I am not accusing you of being unappealing on the inside, but rather encouraging you to take the time to examine the nature of your situation.