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I'm stupid, so I want to make a smarter version of myself (4)

4 Name: Huge Dumbass!!BaKBRBfS : 2020-04-29 03:18 ID:1WBHIGwV

Reporting in. I'm moving at about half the speed I wanted to, but I'm still moving. Practice problems are really good for learning, but I'm so slow with them that they eat up most of the time I'm spending. When this is done, I'd kind of like to just sit back for a few days and watch whatever I made do its thing. Whatever its thing is. I'm fine with ending up a janitor or something if I can at least do this.

Thanks for the books! Having more will be good. I never really understood why textbooks were important during school, but they mean a lot more now that I'm not looking at the ones from back then. I still don't understand why the elementary/high school math textbooks were so difficult to look at compared to one for guys who were accepted into MIT.

I really want to have made something nice before I die. If it can look at me and tell me I was okay, I accomplished something worthwhile, that's all I can really ask for.