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Drug experimentation? (70)

1 Name: Citizen 2006-02-15 19:50 ID:p/BoRE66

Is it right, if I am a parent, to offer my child one joint and only one joint of marijuana so they can experiment in a controlled environment?

This is somewhat inspired by last night's House; the parents gave their kid a joint in the past (not a factor in the show or diagnosis) and my parents, when I was in high school (1998-99ish), said they were OK with me smoking weed at home or with friends, just so long as I got home safe and nobody did really bad drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.

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61 Name: Citizen : 2006-08-30 11:37 ID:7xI07xUj


Do you want to kill all people who drink beer, too? Most of the dangers you point out apply as well, or even better, to them.

62 Name: Citizen : 2006-08-30 16:50 ID:Heaven

>if drugs were legal, they would not be free. More people would be open to using them, nothing productive would get done, crime would increase in order to pay for the legal "fix".

But there are countries where drugs are legal, such as the Netherlands, and none of this has occurred.

63 Name: Citizen : 2006-08-31 23:05 ID:PZnOBmpa


But nothing productive happens in the Netherlands, disease is still rampant.

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64 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-02 16:10 ID:iUhfH/di

Spoiler: Alcohol only has addictive properties if you drink 10 times more than average.

65 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-02 16:13 ID:iUhfH/di

The amount of alcohol needed to get an alcohol high doesn't get you addicted, conversely the amount of marijuana needed to get you addicted doesn't give you a high. So you can drink alcohol and get a temporary high with no side affects that last more than a night of sleep, but this is impossible with marijuana.

66 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-03 17:28 ID:Heaven


Complete nonsense. If you want to stand by those claims, cite sources.

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67 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-09-04 03:53 ID:Heaven

Fun fact: alcohol and barbiturates can have lethal withdrawals.

Alcohol keeps good company.

68 Name: Citizen : 2006-10-02 22:38 ID:Heaven

Even funnier fact: alcohol and barbiturates can cause disinhibition to the point where you assault people out of an impulse you cannot or do not wish to control and don't remember anything afterward.

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69 Name: Towel-Head : 2014-07-31 20:22 ID:Heaven

Interned at Kass, Shuler Law Firm for a year. Direct experience with scheduling litigations/court dates, file work (on and off the computer), and assitant work.


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70 Name: Citizen : 2017-03-12 16:37 ID:McmTjJYy

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