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★★USA Election 2012★★ (113)

1 Name: Citizen : 2011-09-12 09:44 ID:Yc8gP5A+

ITT: We discuss the upcoming 2012 elections in the USA. There will be wildly disparate poll numbers, quotes taken out of context, twice as many mentions of Ron Paul here as the number of votes he’ll actually receive, and in the end, as always, no matter who wins, we all lose.

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104 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-06 14:02 ID:YvO0gEtm

Now that I look at >>102, it shows how much Romney and Obama got, but not how much the other guys got. I know it will be next to nothing, but I'd still like to know.

105 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-07 08:36 ID:8U8j0VOE

We have some results! As of about 2AM EST, most outlets are reporting that Obama has won, taking both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Florida could go either way, but at this point, it doesn't really matter. (You can't go all 2000 on us this year, Florida!)

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106 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 2012-11-07 14:01 ID:lYnC6TbS

Gay Marriage passed in Maine, and pot was legalized in WA!

107 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-07 18:41 ID:vgsO7jau

Pot legalized in CO, too. Ironically, it was probably because all of the Obama voters.

Johnson won one percent of the popular vote.

108 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 2012-11-07 22:14 ID:Heaven

Oh? Why's that ironic? Has Colorado been against pot in the past? Sorry I don't know anything about that state.

109 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-07 22:50 ID:uUhZQJ2F

( ゚ ヮ゚) Puerto Rico voted for statehood!

110 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-08 04:32 ID:tbIRaBHA

I think something legalizing gay marriage was also passed in Spain recently. Hopefully more will follow.

111 Name: Citizen : 2012-11-08 13:54 ID:p4fbFr0W

>>107 Oregon voted for Obama to, but we didn't legalize pot here!
Linking Obama with pot legalization is quite a stretch.

112 Name: Citizen : 2012-12-24 02:10 ID:QIoB28Li

A quick look on Wikipedia says that Spain legalized gay marriage nation wide in 2005, unless there had been some region where it was not allowed that was overturned recently?

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