Ban the /pol/ fuckers pretending to be communists on /dqn/ (30)

24 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2018-08-01 01:53 ID:KkHWvtl/


>So I'm the troll, huh? But it's perfectly fine for you and other people to be extremely insulting towards me

Yeah, now you get it. That's what happens when you single handedly shit the board up for months at a time, you become whatever the anonymous message board equivalent of a wolf's head is.

>Stop trying to gaslight me. Quit projecting.

Stop using words you don't know the meaning of.

>You seem to think that someone either has to be a living stereotype of one political party on another

I'm not the one that thinks that, but on multiple occasions I've witnessed you blanket dismissing literally everyone who disagrees with your extremely specific views as "liberal snowflakes" or whatever. I'm perfectly aware what your views are because you've spent the past months taking every single possible opportunity to espouse them in every single thread where someone mentioned something even remotely political, or mentioned anime or bitcoin or AA art or a whole host of things completely unrelated to politics that ended up triggering a 3 day long spergout anyway.

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