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What sport do you play? (57)

1 Name: OP : 2006-08-30 10:52 ID:0Ps2Y2jW

Well, theres so much talk over what other famous athletes are doing, whether it be juicin' or just plain headbutting the other players (bless that Zidane XD XD XD), but i'm curious, what's your favorite sport to play?

Mine used to be wrestling, grecco-roman and freestyle, as well as football when i was still in High School. Now it's more along the lines of just shooting hoops with friends on the weekends.

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48 Name: StoodCorrected : 2009-03-21 22:18 ID:Hg3/SnCl


nice. I just recently signed up for BJJ. Is it any good? My first class is in like a week.

49 Name: Anonymous Sports Commentator : 2009-04-01 16:19 ID:S+dK3tjx

I am doing Sanshou (Kickboxing with grappling), and I am planning on taking some aikido lessons.

50 Name: anon : 2009-04-07 02:19 ID:s69YLYNX


51 Name: Anonymous Sports Commentator : 2009-04-13 20:53 ID:a1ekxUUU

karate & aikido
lots of fun and the girls are usually fiesty :D

52 Name: Anonymous Sports Commentator : 2009-07-23 11:10 ID:X/FunMoZ

Cricket,a bit costly in terms of equipment but great team game.

53 Name: Fake!!8CQNpSV5 : 2010-01-13 20:53 ID:ag0TBNGm

I have been practicing ryukyu kobudo, yuishinkai karate and tai chi for about a year now.

54 Name: Anonymous Sports Commentator : 2010-04-12 10:10 ID:yi8Y9Sy+

Was a swimmer, that was my main thing. Went to state.

Played some baseball, basketball, and soccer but it never interested me. Now, i'm playing Ice Hockey and lovingit.

55 Name: ωhip : 2010-04-26 03:11 ID:43BM3BC0

sumou is best!

56 Name: matsui : 2012-02-23 18:35 ID:4Bc6OORS


57 Name: Anonymous Sports Commentator : 2012-07-06 09:35 ID:Heaven

Pocket pool.