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McAffee problems (4)

1 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2009-07-19 17:24 ID:pohxh9F3

So, my McAffee has been being really shitty. Every time I restart my computer, most of the protections are turned off and I have to turn them back on, and, more significantly, I can no longer scan my computer for viruses. When I try to scan I get a message window with the title "Windows Internet Explorer" and the message "unable to create gObjOSHelper{9F290F51-FF82-4bf4-20D4272890C7}" Whenever McAffee tries to re-download virus scan it doesn't finish. I would just switch to Avast or something else, but I got a free year of McAffee and want to use it. Is there anything you can do to help?

2 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2009-07-19 21:30 ID:Heaven

What do you mean you got a free year of mcaffee? All programs are free when you have internet access. I recommend that you backup all the files that you need and format your windows installation. With the fresh install, download NOD32 or Kaspersky and use these. Also use something like Spyware doctor, to get rid of smaller threats and such.

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3 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2009-07-21 17:31 ID:pohxh9F3

Okay, I uninstalled McAffee and tried to install Avast. Now I got a new error.

21.07.2009 10:25:30 general: Started: 21.07.2009, 10:25:30

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4 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2009-07-22 05:17 ID:aRKKcxBB

Where do you get these errors in? Console? Message box? Regardless, have you read my advice at >>2?

I don't know about your errors, and likely noone will. You've probably got some viruses but you don't need to panick because there's nothing that can't be fixed. Check >>2