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Hibernate settings/options (2)

1 Name: thatsagoodquestion... : 2011-11-06 05:56 ID:ef7MgvU+

This may seem kind of dumb but after helping set up and explaining the basics of a desktop to my aunt, I happened to notice that hibernate on her PC (Windows7) woke up with a mouse click and I thought this was the best thing ever! I tried to look for this in my power settings but couldn't find it on my PC (XP-Pro sp2), is there a way to change it to wake up from a mouse click instead of the mouse shaking/moving?? Lots of times I have to flip the mouse over so my PC wont wake up unintentionally from me jammin and bangin out on my bass guitar, am I missing where this setting is or can I not set this kind of wake-up activity instead?

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