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259 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-12 12:36 ID:Heaven

Here a comment of a CB poster who is working at TIFF in marketing or PR I think

"There is not much buzz about the movie at the festival, to be honest, and that's worse. The usual gang of fangirls doesn'tmake a movie and Hank Williams is not exactly a well known entity in the surroundings of Toronto to create a buzz to move the movie forward. The USA will be a better place to judge perception by the public. But in terms of professional buzz, from what I hear, no, definitely a non contender and my colleagues comment on the lack of stronger director mostly not that the performances were average. P.s. we are doing our press-clipping and I am reading Hiddleston - the social media star, the social media fans declared love, etc"
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