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401 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-14 13:07 ID:Heaven

CB's latest TH post is about EO denying dating TH and how fans are delusional for believing her. Posters are up in arms (hence the reply I'm posting, that if true is interesting for the seating apart detail). Thing is, CB **is** a gossip site and as clickbaity as the DM. With TH especially since gone are the times when his posts would reach the 600 comments and teasing is good for numbers.

"Wow. If the photos from tiff show them being a couple, then Tom is also in a relationship with Jessica, Brie Larson, AND Eddie Redmanye. I had a friend who was at the I Saw The Light screening and they didn’t even sit together during the film. And they went to the after parties separately. They have probably did the nasty a couple times, but being seen one weekend with someone who looked like he could care less about you when the paparazzi were crawling all over you probably isn’t a relationship. Or it’s a really terrible one."
from CB

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