Tom Hiddleston 4 (1000)

520 Name: Anon. : 2015-09-19 12:44 ID:g7mIS63y

>>515 I watched the very first GN shows when I was living in London. Mostly, he made fun of the audience, asking them to share stories and pics. I think he still does. I like the show.

However, some of the stuff he does with stars can be cringe-tastic. I remember him sharing fan fiction stories with D Radcliffe. I think he read the summaries of some of the crazier ones. He also likes to share fan art like Chatty Man did.

I - even if it does seem old and stuffy - don't want TH to have to confront fan fiction summaries. Or anymore fan art.

There are other ways to be funny and entertaining.

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