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796 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-04 16:44 ID:g7mIS63y

>>794 Oh, it is definitely anti-ferener (foreigner). And their current coverage of the refugee/immigration crisis does echo the general anti-Semitic talk of the paper in the 1930s. Strangely, it tends toward the pro-Israeli side on international issues.

If you're talking in general/specifically about the Miliband article - unfair on all grounds, in my opinion - I think that was a matter of the DM's anti-leftist sentiments rather than outright anti-Semitism. Their follow-up editorial, however, oh, yeah, that was anti-Semitic.

PS Psst, TH is totally anti-Semitic and racist, and a horn-dog and - whatever else. Pass it on!

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