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798 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-04 17:41 ID:m/94sx4r

>>796 Weighing in ... The Daily Fail/Mail whatever is the flagship of the Murdoch press (together with the Sun).

Imagine Faux news on, printed on paper or online with a UK bent. Absolute tripe. The editorial team do not even bother to check for simple spelling errors before publishing (let alone factual accuracies). One example being the utter rubbish they printed about Tom's Oxford visit with EO (when the stalker photos were taken in London). Actually .. they published the bicycle's stalker photos - so - I take all things from that source with a mighty pillar of salt. The sentiments are: anti-Muslim anti-Polish (Pole being the most readily targeted pre-representatives of the scary "Europe". Pro UKIP / anti Europe and only marginally on the border of the stuff being sprouted by Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines (google it) imho.

The comments sections are a useful barometer of often the most ignorant sectors of the British population .. oh ..and the BC tea party brigade.

And one Lord Hiddleworth (the 2nd) ;)

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