Tom Hiddleston 4 (1000)

862 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-09 22:25 ID:KzgVmYQs

Eh.. so here is my High Rise impression - the film is def out there - very challenging source material and very very very dark humour. It now has a distribution date in the UK but it will 110% not appeal to the average family /Marvel devouring public (or probably most of the public, to that effect).
Lots of Tom bonking and actually everyone bonking plus a (for me) extremely disturbing scene with Sienna Miller. Tom, Sienna and especially Elisabeth Moss were amazing - I didn't even recognise Elisabeth in the first scene she was in (her accent was very good). The analogy to A Clockwork Orange (the film) is accurate to some extent, though with the sex and violence turned up to 11. I was actually rather glad when it finally ended.

Others have reported on the Q&A: about 20 minutes with Ben Wheatley and the cast taking the stage. Questions asked were (wisely perhaps) chosen from twitter in advance and were relatively tame: "Where any real dogs damaged?" "Where the cast psychologically affected by what they were filming" (answer no to both). "Why did you choose to film inside Bangor Leisure Centre" (1970s building) and so on. Ben was the person who suggested that Tom do his Northern Irish accent (which he did) and bless .. he certainly seemed sure of himself on stage and was a tiny bit verbose , though his costars also had the chance to talk. Sienna Miller was actually rather funny and seemed less restrained on stage. Elisabeth Moss seemed very shy..

and on a snark-free note: Frenchie and friend were there as fans... they def don't deserve the abuse heaped on them last week (imho).

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