Tom Hiddleston 4 (1000)

914 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-13 13:44 ID:Heaven

What the journalist was referring to in this video >>888

"Across the street and down an alley, Tom Hiddleston was a true British gentleman at F-Stop. When I arrived at the party, he was dutifully standing in the rain on the steps, making sure the gaggle of photographers outside didn't go home hungry. This on a night where many an A-lister skipped film and party red carpets, possibly due to the weather. Inside the bash, Hiddleston was immediately surrounded by a flock of women who migrated with his every move. Impressively, the high-cheekboned heartthrob took photos and the time to talk with just about everyone. One proud mother encouragingly screamed "whooo!" and "you go girls!' at her daughters as they posed with the actor. How embarrassing, mom!

Around the corner, Hiddleston's rumoured love interest and costar appeared at the second after party for their film, I Saw the Light, at The Addisons Residence. Yes, sometimes films have not one, but two or more after parties. Unlike her other half, Olsen was not in the mood to make nice with party guests, instead keeping to herself in a booth."

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