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985 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-17 12:57 ID:I0aFI+rY


I think this group needs to be official disbanded and banned - like the Japanese govt. does with certain religious cults.

I agree that - as a group - they do some very good things: the UNICEF fundraising was generous. But, I also think that it wasn't purely philanthropic. They seemed to have made a very big show of their fundraising: tweets, videos, special letters to UNICEF - all that was missing was the giant cheque. Self promotion should not be a part of true philanthropy. Methinks some attention seeking was in the off.

As it is, a majority of them now think of themselves as some sort of TH vanguard. If he's in an online poll - they send out the word to vote, vote, vote. SNL innocently asked who should host the show - every Hiddlestoner on twitter bombarded the account - for days. They tweet The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel accounts, and the Ellen show as well - don't the producers of these shows know what their missing by not having TH as a guest?!?

At this point, they're addicts. They tweet to get him on shows so they can watch him on shows and then tweet/tumblr about the shows. They're chasing the dragon.

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