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1 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-17 15:02 ID:Heaven

Thread to talk about actor Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston 1:
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101 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-19 23:10 ID:o72sHvYn


The posting of professional reviews from print and online sources is certainly welcome.

Personal thoughts on movies are also allowed, I'm sure.

However, please, be aware that some haven't seen the movie yet, so don't give away spoilers.

102 Name: Cabbage anon : 2015-10-19 23:26 ID:2yPiKh2A


All I can say is that the movie was amazing. Worth of every moment and and in couple of moments I had to close my eyes, and I'm not so easily scared! People are surely scarrier then ghosts! Lucille took my heart. That's for sure. I was rather indifferent for Edith, she isn't my cup if tea, but Mia was ok. The ending made me cry and I sobbed all the way home. Very good ending. Very good.

Tom referred to Edith as a sign for young women that they can be strong and independent and don't nee man to save them. Well, i from my personal view, would disagree. Edith only proved what I thought for a long time, that women can become strong and save themselves only when there is no help from aside. She saved herself because there was no one to save her. We may be strong and courageous but it's not because we want to, but because life makes us to. We become strong because we have no choice.

Amazing movie again. Totally will go and see it again.

103 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-20 06:33 ID:Heaven

>>89 I thought it was the photographer/s making the cast laugh because you see even TH looking ahead and laughing - And contrary to what CB posters say, EO wasn't putting her left hand on Tom's but on her right hand, you can clearly see her right arm wrapped around Abraham left arm.

>>91 tomorrow there'll be more, but it looks quite funny.

>>96 it was hilarious, because you could tell all her activity will end up in disaster but she went on and did it anyway. An adult woman, with her kind of job, wanting her name thrashed on the internet, a real show. Google Jane Arthy, among the first results you get her own tumblr tag.

104 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-20 10:01 ID:Heaven

Tom Hiddleston On I Saw The Light & Thor: Ragnarok

Hank Williams biopic ‘I Saw the Light’ premieres at The Belcourt

105 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-20 11:26 ID:Heaven

So Cabbage Anon, aka Lex aka sw3anon, back again?
https://twitter. com/FirenBrenie/status/656226127824994304
https://twitter. com/FirenBrenie/status/656243894426968064

I thought we were supposed to eat s**t. You truly don't get it that as soon as you post it's clear it's you.

Go back to your twitter.

106 Name: Cabbage Anon : 2015-10-20 12:09 ID:2yPiKh2A

>>105 excuse me?

107 Name: Cabbage Anon : 2015-10-20 12:15 ID:2yPiKh2A

>>105 ok so if I and somebody else watched the movie relatively at the same time it makes us one and the same person? How clever. Apparently I'm the same person with all those people sitting in the cinema with me yesterday. All around the world.

Did you at least check ip and id of me and another person?

Also you could be nicer you know. Because when you will see you are wrong you will feel ashamed.

108 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-20 13:49 ID:Heaven


109 Name: Anon : 2015-10-20 18:14 ID:tB216AlG

110 Name: qaz : 2015-10-20 18:35 ID:tY18OJ3i

>> 109 Okaaay. Right. So, maybe Loki'd wasn't that bad after all :)

P.S. My captcha was "Skull", I swear. Anyone knows anything about prophetic signs or similar stuff?

111 Name: Anon : 2015-10-20 18:38 ID:tB216AlG

>>110 Are you about to see CP? If so this confirms the capcha KNOWS THINGS. As mentioned above it referred to jugs when I posted a pic of TH staring down Jaimie Alexander's cleavage!

112 Name: Anon : 2015-10-20 18:40 ID:tB216AlG

>>110 And yes, there was worse after Steve. Facebook link yesterday didn't reveal the full horror. if TH had been in the gimp suit, that I would have paid money for. Or EO. It was black after all.

113 Name: qaz : 2015-10-20 18:52 ID:tY18OJ3i

>>111 >>112 Lol.

>>111 I'm hoping to, tomorrow or the day after, although at this point I feel like I know the entire plot and most reviews aren't very encouraging. But still, better to find out by myself.

114 Name: Anon : 2015-10-20 19:13 ID:tB216AlG

115 Name: anonsy : 2015-10-20 19:53 ID:6jcDRoeE

>>113 I enjoyed it, and have found myself disagreeing with many of the reviews I've read. The BBC review >>114 Anon shared, for example, said a few things were irrelevant to the plot of the film that I thought were either completely necessary or at least added to the story and my understanding of the characters.

My only gripe is that if I had gone in expecting a full blown horror film I would have been disappointed. Because I had seen a few interviews where GDT and the cast emphasized the "Gothic Romance" aspect, I had a better idea of what it was going to be, but I think a lot of the trailers made it seem like there would be a lot of BOO! moments that just weren't there. This is really more a complaint about the advertising than the movie itself.

116 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-20 23:36 ID:X9irYl99

TH, JC and MW were on Charlie Rose tonight. There are a few teaser vids up on the CR youtube channel. They should post the whole interview soon - that is their policy in general.

Hopefully, Hiddlestoners were not mentioned. Loki may have been - CR tries to be pop-cultural like that on occasion.

117 Name: Anon : 2015-10-21 06:24 ID:tB216AlG

New - and I think rather sexy - Andy Gotts shot released: https://mobile.twitter . com/DrGotts/status/656612192142413824

118 Name: Anon : 2015-10-21 06:53 ID:tB216AlG

Well I booked to see CP at the IMAX in London - might as well be hung for a sheep etc.

119 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-21 21:41 ID:X9irYl99

Couch may have started her holiday - and rightly so! She's earned it. So, here are a few tidbits from twitter and the 'tube of you.'

If you really wanted a 9 minute video of TH doing HW, here it is.

Here is TH introducing ISTL in Nashville. Watch or skip to the end to witness EO's impression of a seagull as she tries to exit the stage and gets tangled up/cut off by TH.

The whole interview with Charlie Rose. MW gets in about 25 words. CR doesn't butcher MW's names, but he comes close. And CR also calls it Crimson Park...worst park EVER!

120 Name: Anon : 2015-10-21 21:56 ID:tB216AlG

>>119 Thank you. It's been a bit quiet round here today!

121 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 14:43 ID:X9irYl99

I'm working from home today - bit of a cold. So I thought I'd post a few things.

>>120 It has gone all hush-hush!

Brie and Tom, get on those romance rumors please! Start showing up at cafes in HI, start posting selfies together! Let's do this!

UsWeekly, do your job, too!

Well, if he's in it - 'I know nothing about it!' he insists again - he'll be off to Aust. after HI. If the next Marvel movies shoot out of London, and he's in them, TH could be away from dear ole Blighty for awhile.

EM says TH is a good dancer - You just know he asked for more dancing during filming.

I know, real breaking news, but we're getting near the bottom of the barrel.

122 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 17:22 ID:tB216AlG

>>121 I saw Crimson Park today. Much better than the bad reviews would have one believe, though the plot was a trifle clunky. I could have guessed the main plot twist even without all the hints that were dropped by GdT. So I think could anyone who has read a few gothic novels.

It was pretty gory - so god knows about all those people saying "not enough of a horror movie".

I do however wish they hadn't released so much in trailers and clips. I realised as I was watching that I had seen parts of every major scene, bar the 2 that said in words of one syllable what was going on. That was a pity partly in spoiler-y terms but also because you like to feel you haven't seen the whole movie. For example it would have been nice to watch that beautifully acted scene with the automaton for the first time as part of the film. One other major consequence was that the ghosts were pretty unterrifying, in a kind of oh hello again way.

123 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 18:03 ID:tB216AlG

>>121 And because I feel guilty about not posting many links I bring you the following. You thought we were at the bottom of the barrel, but there's a lot further to fall.

124 Name: qaz : 2015-10-22 18:21 ID:tY18OJ3i

I saw CP today too. I really wanted to like it, but... Well, don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible, and I agree that it was probably better than the reviews said. Still, I felt kind of underwhelmed throughout the movie. I dragged a friend along (she's not a fan of TH, or of any other actor in CP, for that matter) and she got bored halfway through. I, of course, had the disadvantage of seeing the trailers and reading a couple of reviews, so sort of spoilered myself and take a part of the blame - maybe I would have liked it better if I haven't.

Those CGI ghosts were really ridiculous. After the movie my friend asked me if I understood why they looked the way they looked (I won't be specific to avoid spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie yet). You see, she kept waiting for the explanation of that in the plot and got none. All I could do is shrug my shoulders and say that the creators probably thought that they would be cooler or scarier that way :)

On the bright side - the visuals were beautiful. I loved the spooky deteriorating mansion, very atmospheric. TH was pretty.

125 Name: qaz : 2015-10-22 18:33 ID:tY18OJ3i

Oh, and a lot of people said that Mia was the blandest - I disagree, she seemed quite OK to me, considering that no one has delivered a noteworthy performance in that movie, TH included.

126 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 19:25 ID:tB216AlG

>>124 does one need an explanation about why they look that way? I didn't see any spoilers explaining it but I kind of guessed from the story.

127 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 19:30 ID:tB216AlG

>>124 I also thought the first sex scene was ridiculous in the context of where it wa meant to be in their relationship. And in the second one GDT bottled it. He should have been naked in that one.

Who hasn't seen it yet?

128 Name: qaz : 2015-10-22 19:52 ID:tY18OJ3i

>>126 OK, spoilers (minor).
She meant why most of them looked like half-decomposing, skinless, blood-dripping skeletons, more zombies than ghosts. I guess, she waited the story to explain that something REALLY GORY and terrible happened to them, not just "simple" killing. NB: She didn't see the trailer, hasn't watched any interviews or read reviews, so hasn't heard anything about "gothic romance, not horror", etc. The story just didn't seem very consistent to her, probably.
But actually, it's a minor detail, I just mentioned it because I also thought the ghosts were a bit cartoonish ant not scary. I think the movie would have benefited from something more subtle.

>>127 I won't dispute that :)

129 Name: anonsy : 2015-10-22 19:58 ID:X+vgMkyf

I thought the ghosts looked that way because of (SPOILER) where their bodies were buried. I'd be more specific but I don't want to accidentally ruin anything for anyone who hasn't seen it.

130 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 20:11 ID:tB216AlG

>>129 I initially thought the same. But the vision generally seemed to be that when you cark it your ghost gradually goes skeleton (cf very end). There was another detail about one of the ghosts which made sense. Again saying no more due to spoilers.

131 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 21:35 ID:DUsp8Y9N


I haven't...but I'm okay with spoilers. I sometimes figure out plot lines halfway through movies. A quote from me to a friend the first time I saw The Sixth Sense in the theatre: 'So if the kid can see dead people, is Bruce Willis dead?' The kid said he could see dead people, I took him at his word!

And as you said, the trailers themselves have spoiled more than any postings. I've stayed away from Tumblr because I don't want to see the scenes themselves.

132 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 21:38 ID:DUsp8Y9N

Here is a spoiler filled - warning!! - review that is beyond funny. It has teeth and bad language, but it's hilarious.

If you think TH is too precious for criticism, please do NOT read.

133 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 21:44 ID:DUsp8Y9N

>>132 I use the word 'review' VERY loosely.

134 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 22:13 ID:tB216AlG

>>132 Spitting out my tea here!

135 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 22:28 ID:DUsp8Y9N

>>134 Right? Some memorable quotes:

'He did everything quarter-assedly, like he had spiritual anemia.'

'Not for nothing is England called “Survivable Knifecrime Island.”'

'Stupid incest clay machine'

'For some reason the post office in Cumberland has a bridal suite?'

Nicole: they had a dead red lady with an axe in her head!
Mallory: they had a CORPSE BABY...
Mallory: but only implied cunnilingus

136 Name: Anon : 2015-10-22 22:33 ID:tB216AlG

>>135 And my absolute favourite: no trees for miles around. Where do the leaves come from????

137 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 22:35 ID:DUsp8Y9N

I love when Mallory and Nicole unite on Toast. When this came up, I thought all my sick-day wishes had been answered - even if I still had a cough and sore throat.

138 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-22 22:37 ID:DUsp8Y9N

Or how Edith thought a hole in the roof was magical.

139 Name: anonsy : 2015-10-22 22:50 ID:6jcDRoeE

>>132 Thanks, this was a good laugh.

140 Name: qaz : 2015-10-22 22:52 ID:tY18OJ3i

>>135 Why haven't I seen it earlier?

"Mallory: he practically FAINTED every time someone disagreed with him"

"oh, and when he looked like he was about to eat her out but didn’t??
Mallory: “okay, dip your head vaguely in the direction of her cunt, kiss her thigh, and then get to Doin’ It”
“that’ll have to count”

141 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-24 08:49 ID:FFmbYiBL

Rather randomly, I came across this bit of ? professional snark from his peers after the Graham Norton show

(Robert Icke is a rather phenomenal theatre director imho irrespective of snark)

https://twitter .com/robertwicke/status/650071893362483200

142 Name: Anon : 2015-10-24 20:09 ID:++CFJS2I

>>141 ouchy

143 Name: Cabbage Anon : 2015-10-25 02:53 ID:RQNfBWIu

Since there is nothing much to talk aboht now, let's have a collective laugh. The Bike woman is desperate again. I have never seen anyone with such a strong wish to make blues TH is dating EO, everybody moved on, except her.

144 Name: Cabbage Anon : 2015-10-25 03:01 ID:RQNfBWIu

And another one. To be honest they all look so the same I wouldn't be surprised bike woman sent it herself.

In October? lol! So very much desperate.

145 Name: Anonymous : 2015-10-25 04:26 ID:xeZx+rTV

Now that the event is well and truly over - I do believe that Tom wouldn't have missed a particular family event yesterday - even for a fake gorilla... Congrats to Emma and her new hubby!

146 Name: Cabbage Anon : 2015-10-25 06:59 ID:RQNfBWIu

>>145 wow so great! Congratulations to her indeed!

How did you find it out? Maybe that's the reason he wasn't seen on set yet, plus this he did say he was flying to Hawaii on Sunday, so there you go.

147 Name: Anonymous : 2015-10-25 07:50 ID:FFmbYiBL

They were married in London at a very old church - under her husbands formal name ... The wedding was listed in the church website. I did not want to publicise it before the ceremony out of respect for their privacy on the day.

148 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 08:14 ID:Heaven

Ignore Lex/Cabbage Anon/Sw3anon clearly she is too obtuse and obsessed to understand when people don't want her around.

149 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 08:16 ID:Heaven

>>141 I suppose it depends on how you interpret the verb treasure? It could be treasure your insecurities as in keep them hidden, or don't be ashamed of them and put them to good use.

150 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 08:18 ID:Heaven

>>145 He was on set this week but he surely went back to London for the weekend. No need to post the link to the church even now, it doesn't take much to find it anyway.

151 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 08:20 ID:Heaven

Now back to my hiatus, but here are some tweets about Kong

https://twitter. com/reeltourshawaii/status/657600725409644544
https://twitter. com/reeltourshawaii/status/657690957396111360
https://twitter. com/reeltourshawaii/status/657760528710791168

152 Name: Anonymous : 2015-10-25 08:22 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>150 ah it is done and finished with anyway and irrelevant to post. Presumably (and rightly so) not a media circus on account of her more famous sibling.

153 Name: Anonymous : 2015-10-25 08:24 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>149 I did not know what to make of it until I read the comment which referred to his ... Impressions . Anyway - acting is a bitchy business too - behind all of the smoke and curtains .

154 Name: Anon : 2015-10-25 08:37 ID:++CFJS2I

>>152 Nice to think it still can be. Many celebs in the UK, even quite well known ones, are left alone much of the time. I saw Tim Burton on the street last week doing his shopping and being ignored like any other citizen. He's another one who seems to own one set of clothes!

155 Name: Cabbage anon : 2015-10-25 09:12 ID:ltDIZRDU

>>148 Chill out ok? I'm none of this people you mention. Check my ip and id first ok before jumping to conclusions.

156 Name: Anon : 2015-10-25 10:25 ID:++CFJS2I

>>155 I'm afraid your monomania about proving EO and TH are not a thing gives you away, as do all the "you'll be sorry" threats to Couch Potato. Not to mention the big fight you had with the town bicycle about EO which you are now bringing here by posting disparagingly about her.

157 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 13:37 ID:7AOciUth

>>147 There were a few twitter posts regarding TH in a morning suit in the City. And then another saying that they met him but because it was a private event, he asked for no pics, just a hello and a chat. I imagined that it was for his sister's wedding. Apparently, he and others then rocked up at a pub - still in full wedding gear - later that evening.

I didn't post because I didn't 1) want anyone who lurks here to repost elsewhere and 2) for those twitter uses to be hit with the now obligatory Spanish Inquisition - Was it his wedding? Was he with a blonde? Was EO in a wedding dress? Did EO catch the bouquet?

158 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 13:37 ID:7AOciUth

>>156 monomania - what a good Greek word. Thank you for reminding me of it. Must remember to use it more often in the future!

159 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 13:40 ID:7AOciUth

>>157 Forgot to add...drunk, slightly jet-lagged morning suit TH...oh, the glory of it.

160 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 13:50 ID:7AOciUth

Also, I hope that at least one proverbial slutty bridesmaid got lucky...maybe even two...and the female vicar.

161 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 14:07 ID:Heaven

>>156 not to mention using your user name to get info about a woman guilty of breathing air close to TH.

162 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 14:07 ID:Heaven

>>157 I truly admire your ability to find things of twitter, whenever I try I can't find a single thing, twitter search hates me.

163 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 14:10 ID:Heaven

I'm kind of sorry though that because of a silly delusional girl we have to hold back. But who knows, maybe it's better this way.

Anyway, since I was forced back for today I might make myself useful, here's a nice little interview with TH for an Italian radio.

While this is a translation of an interview for a Finnish mag

164 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 14:39 ID:7AOciUth


I have sooo many accounts blocked - spam accounts, kpop ghost accounts, hard core Loki-ites etc. - that his tag is long as he doesn't tweet and blow it up. I remember that I checked it one day after work, and there were 3,000 tweets relating to him. That's when I close the tab and walk away. I'll look at 30 tweets, not 3,000.

165 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 14:50 ID:7AOciUth

On a more distant prospect...having just watched the latest HIGNFY episode with Michael Sheen, does anyone else hope that TH might take a turn in the host's chair?

With the TNM coming up, it might be a nice promotional crossover. HIGNFY is consistently high in quality, and while I'm sure some Loki jokes would sneak in, it would be less cringey than some other appearances.

Also, it would be particularly pleasurable to see TH demonstrate some snark - as some hosts are required to do when delivering lines.

And EO could be a guest...just kidding!!!

166 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-25 15:12 ID:X9irYl99

An interesting article regarding CP, China and ghosts, i.d., superstitions.

I'm not one to think that financial failure = career blot, however, I'm sure TH, GdT and the powers that be at Legendary would like CP to make a healthy profit.

167 Name: Anon : 2015-10-25 16:08 ID:++CFJS2I

>>164 I am bad at Twitter as well so (privacy permitting) always keen for you to post your discoveries. No need to link if you are worried about lurkers.

BTW that thing about China and ghosts was fascinating! I am sure I have read Chinese literature featuring ghosts. All banned now I suppose.

168 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 16:25 ID:Heaven

>>166 I wondered why it hadn't opened in China yet since it had in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

169 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-25 16:33 ID:Heaven

https://twitter. com/ItalianLokiArmy/status/658300677555384320

This is an interview for an Italian mag, the few things that were somehwat interesting - it's not a word for word translation.

  • he is aware the butt scene will make his fans happy, he calls it a collateral effect, but he did it because the script asked for it.
  • on CP set GdT had a ban on using smartphones, if you were caught it was a 5$ fine. TH was caught twice, 10$. With the money collected, at the weekend they'd do a lottery and the winner offered drinks.
  • he likes Italians and has a strong bond with Italy. His first visit was in Firenze when he was 16. Then at 18 and 20 with his gf and later at 25 in Siena where for Unrelated. He likes to walk through Rome and was happy to find a pizzeria he knew when he went for a walk the night before the promo for CP and it was emotional to pass by the Campidoglio for the first time after playing Coriolanus.

170 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-26 06:56 ID:FFmbYiBL

Looks like Tom will be seeing an awful lot of the Australian sun next year - Skull Island now apparently filming in Queensland (?)

171 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 14:35 ID:++CFJS2I

He will be appearing on bbc2 on Artsnight on 6 November.

172 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-26 16:12 ID:X9irYl99

>>167 I'll admit to being nannyish - not toward TH - but towards the twitter users that post sightings.

I remember that one user who posted about seeing him post-PGG was bombarded with all sorts of questions about EO, what he was wearing, where she was located, could she get a pic, etc. After an hour, she'd made her account private - and rightly so.1

If I find anything, I'll post a full summary (whatever that means for 140 characters!), but I might not link to the person.

One poster said that he was wearing a 'wedding suit' in the City. I took that to mean morning suit. Another said that she say him near St. Paul's and that he didn't want to take a pic, as it was a private wedding, but that he did have a chat with her and her group.

173 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-26 16:48 ID:X9irYl99


I wonder if this was ISTL promo which was set before the date was pushed back. Could be HR as well.

It will be interesting to see what movie he is focusing on, if any.

174 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 17:07 ID:++CFJS2I

>>172 I saw a number of obsessive comments to Twitter users who saw him at the theatre, at service station on M1 etc.

I have to say if I did see him I wouldn't tweet it. Twitter has really chipped away at any privacy celebs have now. Some of my acquaintance, whom I otherwise consider relatively moderate, are surprisingly militant about this ("if he didn't mind being photographed he wouldn't take the Tube, he can afford a taxi" etc). I really don't think that being famous means you have signed up for creep shots tracking your every move across London. Long may he continue to be able to use the tube, walk out for a coffee etc without being photographed or tweeted everywhere he goes. I hope the lack of Heathrow tweets means he was able to leave the country unnoticed.

175 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 17:12 ID:++CFJS2I

>>174 Although of course inquiring minds want to know if others tweet.....consistency thou art a jewel etc etc.....

176 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 17:14 ID:++CFJS2I

>>173 Indeed. "And now we welcome Tom Hiddleston to talk about the soon to be delayed I Saw The Light".

177 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 17:16 ID:++CFJS2I

Sorry for multiple posts. Butterfly mind unable to concentrate today. Anon., have you seen CP yet?

178 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-26 20:37 ID:X9irYl99


I feel like this might be another reason why he's backed off using twitter himself. Some of his tweets located him and his actions/movements just as much as pics and tweets from other people.

Yeah, people's arguments regarding celebs and their rights to privacy are always a little off: 'if he didn't want to be photographed, he'd just never breathe air outside of his house!!' Okay, reasonable logic there.

And we all know - too well - that taking a taxi doesn't guarantee that he won't be photographed!

179 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-26 20:41 ID:X9irYl99


Even better:

Host: 'Tom Hiddleston is here to talk about a guaranteed to be a piece of crap movie, ISTL, AND a highly likely to be a piece of crap movie, Kong: Skull Island. Tom, which turd did you want to shine first?'

TH: Can we talk about Hiddlestoners?

180 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-26 20:56 ID:SdfOSJ4C


I haven't!! I was meant to go Friday, but was too ill (I didn't want to be that person - the one that coughs all the way through a movie!). On Saturday, I went to watch the rugby and was too tipsy (read: drunk on beer and Nyquil) to do a movie justice afterward, and I was also afraid the beer/Nyquil chaser would cause me to shout out inappropriate things during the sex scene.

So, Sunday was meant to be the night, but the boy bailed on me (he got called into an emergency shift), and I didn't go - because 'one for CP, please' translates - in my mind - to 'I'm a Hiddlestoner and I once bought a lock of TH's hair on eBay' and I'm not ready for that.

So, this Friday is the day.

181 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 21:38 ID:++CFJS2I

>>180 My boy refused point blank (doesn't like horror movies - and forget all that GDT bleating about it "really" being gothic romance, he knows it was a horror movie with literary pretensions). I bunked off work and sat alone in the IMAX surrounded, slightly oddly, by lone males wearing white socks and heavy metal t shirts - not the demographic I was anticipating. About 20 of us in all. It was glorious, like owning a very, very large tv. It has totally bombed at the box office.

182 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-26 21:46 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>172 The interwebs is a strange, strange place indeed. Tbh, I was very relieved once the NW3 person mysteriously stopped posting. The daily updates on whether or not the man was outside his front door was very unsettling and undoubtedly fed into ("well-intentioned") stalker central aka as the cafe crowd.

(seriously - all you have to do to find the "fans" is to see who is following his neighbourhood tea shop on twitter).

On serious matters: I did see CP last week and eh.. I dunno ... the costumes and sets just gorgeous (I so hope that they are recognised professionally) but almost all of the "scary" moments were spoilt in the trailers AND it was just plain old weird seeing Tom as the sweet ingenue. Jessica was amazing and MIa seemed to be playing two different characters tbh (i rather liked independent typewriter toting Edith more than the other one).

I will probably go to hell for this, but I actually preferred ALLO and even Tom's performance (ahem) in High-Rise, to CP..

183 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-26 21:53 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>179 Will skull island still be seen as crap when (presumably) Oscar nominated/winner Brie Larson is attached to it?

ISTL seems to be on a weird PR trajectory of its own at this stage.

And .. what next after Thor? Given that Kenneth Branagh has his own theatre company, it would seem that another tread on the boards is almost inevitable.

184 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 22:13 ID:++CFJS2I

>>183 Who knows - but with so many rewrites, delays and personnel changes it will remain, to me, Shit Island until it comes out! I do at this point slightly question his eye for a great script. For example everything I have read about ISTL (episodic series of unexplained vignettes from the life of) suggests that it is not just poor direction that has sunk it. And the plot of CP is not a great surprise. So is SI going to be better? I hope so but I am not taking his word for it.

185 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-26 22:35 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>184 Well, there is also the possibility that he just takes whatever script / film he is offered. I am not sure that he is at that position where he isn't competing with others higher on the Hollywood food chain than himself for the choice parts.

I do think though, that he was trying to extend his range/challenge himself and avoid the typecasting associated with Loki (why oh why didn't they just let him keep his bouncy golden locks in CP?) - kudos to him.

I also do think that in terms of prestige/iconic performances, he would never turn down an opportunity to be in the Bond franchise ... look at the effect on Daniel Craig's profile pre and post Bond.

186 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-27 00:21 ID:/FeiLGjV


Two words - Jupiter Ascending. ER and his buddy Oscar couldn't save that one. Hopefully, K:SI won't be that bad!

By all accounts, BL is going to get an AA nom. She may win it - she and the movie have received nothing but the highest praise. Still, if K:SI is a whole heap of rubbish, her name won't keep it from being a box office/critical flop, I don't think

187 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-27 00:37 ID:FFmbYiBL

Hmm fair enough (I lasted about 10 minutes into the Jupiter film, Eddie or not) but I thought that it was made before ER had the accolates..

anyway, here's hoping that Brie has the confidence and acting chops, together with Tom, to make something out of a seemingly trite script. I saw "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" too recently and thought that Thomas Mann was terrific, so ... fingers and toes crossed for something not awful to watch.

188 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-27 00:38 ID:FFmbYiBL

eh I meant accolades though probably acolytes too by then.

189 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-27 00:45 ID:X9irYl99


An interesting tidbit re: ISTL and when TH came aboard.

I watched a video of MA and Dante Spinotti from the Middleburg FF. MA was talking about when he and TH had dinner and MA offered the role to TH. According to MA, it was at some point after War Horse and he offered it to TH on the spot - explaining that he didn't have a green light with money and he wasn't sure when it would be made, but that it would be made. MA said TH agreed to come aboard at that dinner.

I wonder if TH agreed, on a handshake and without looking at a script, because haunted, tragic genius has often = OSCAR in recent history. And because TH sometimes gets so excited that he puts the cart before the horse.

I think actors sometimes think their talents can overcome a dodgy script even though a script is the foundation of a movie.

190 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-27 01:13 ID:X9irYl99


I think TNM is going to be our first 'something not awful to watch.'

I'm looking forward to Bond-light from TH. After that, I'm praying HR gets US distribution.


I could get behind a stage run - as long as the stage door doesn't go the way of Corio. Ugh, the poor man, the poor security team. I would like to think that he'd appreciate a second Olivier more than an Oscar.

I wonder if he's even considering Richard II with James Ivory. Ivory seems keen.

And, fingers crossed that he'll have a role in Kong v. Godzilla! (Breaks sarcasm button.)

191 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-27 01:40 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>189 That is fascinating indeed - I have to say that in terms of appearance, he does really resemble Hank, so perhaps that was what Marc Abrahams was also considering.

192 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-27 01:43 ID:FFmbYiBL


HR is a very very very niche market and most certainly won't be playing at your average US multiplex (imho) so lets see. Perhaps Netflix or whoever will pick it up instead, though I don't really know how the business works tbh.

I had totally forgotten Richard II - James Ivory is still listing him as being on board, isn't he? I guess that there must be a dozen or so projects floating around in development cough Robert the Bruce cough though I hope that he stays away from too many period pieces.

193 Name: Anon : 2015-10-27 06:52 ID:++CFJS2I

>>189 That tidbit makes a lot of things fall into place. No script, plus TH much less well known at that time (far from being the star of WH), flattered by the attention of someone wanting him for a lead, and the lead having OSCAR written all over it.

He then also had the year of drought (2013) with no projects so he was hardly going to turn down work in 2014 (and we see the result of all that work being released now).

194 Name: Anon : 2015-10-27 08:01 ID:++CFJS2I

Hadn't seen this before - especially for them as knows Lat and Gr (looking at you, Anon.)

195 Name: Kate : 2015-10-27 10:38 ID:Ls7KWlhE

>>185 '(why oh why didn't they just let him keep his bouncy golden locks in CP?)'

Because it's a gothic romance, and that is iconically about a talk, dark, handsome stranger with a past. Thematically, the 'dark' bit is important. That's why Chastain had a black wig too.

196 Name: Kate : 2015-10-27 10:53 ID:Ls7KWlhE

It's not true to say that he had no projects in 2013. He had Coriolanus, which he was preparing for from at least the summer onwards and opened in early December, and Thor: The Dark World (principle photography happened at the end of 2012, but a lot of Loki's bits in the final film were from re-shoots in 2013). He obvously had promotional duties for Thor fall in the middle of what would have been Coriolanus rehearsal period, so they started rehearsing ealier than usual, then had about a month off for him to promote his film, then went straight back into rehearsal. That accounts for about half of his 2013!

Films can be bubbling under for a long time before coming to fruition - it's also quite likely that he was taking meetings back in 2013 for ISTL and High Rise, since he was involved with those before the financing came together.

I'm willing to bet the first half of this year, when it looked like he wasn't working, was actually filled with meetings about projects that we won't be hearing about until next year.

197 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-10-27 11:07 ID:Heaven

>>181 Don't say it bombed, don't burst the bubble for the fangirls who are calling it a success about to make profit.

198 Name: Anon : 2015-10-27 11:21 ID:++CFJS2I

>>197 Yes, it bombed. And yes, even if he was rehearsing and doing reshoots for Thor 2, he had a quiet 2013. That's why he was available for all that promotional work for OLLA and Thor. A lot of people (not just me) remarked that he would have turned up to the opening of an envelope in 2013, because really not very busy.

199 Name: anonymous : 2015-10-27 12:28 ID:FFmbYiBL

>>195 He seemed slightly gray as a character- nothing sinister stuck me whatsoever as opposed to the icy visage of Lucille. I am trying to remember who I was thinking of in a similar role and I immediately thought of Allesandro Nivola's characterisation in Mansfield Park http :/ /

200 Name: Kate : 2015-10-27 12:49 ID:Ls7KWlhE


You know, it's not actually normal for actors to have back-to-back filming scheduled all year, every year. They do need some time off - some actual recuperation time, and time off to find their next project. It's the way the business works. A major blockbuster release and a major Shakespearean lead role in a year would be considered plenty of work by most actors.

Most of his Marvel co-stars have had a very similar work rhythm. Those big Marvel films are hard work, most of them take some time off after filming/promoting them.

I mean, he is a bit of a workaholic, like Cumberbatch, but after the stretch of work he had in 2011 and through 2012, he really did need some time off in early 2013. He did the same thing this year - basically took the first 3 months off (apart from meetings I am sure he was taking to line up future projects) to recover from making 3 films back-to-back.

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