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368 Name: Anon. : 2015-11-26 20:54 ID:PIrUkmKY


Thanks, Anon.

I'm thankful that Turkey (oh, the Thanksgiving irony. See! Americans DO understand irony!) and Russia haven't started WWIII - yay!

I'm not thankful that my travel/Thanksgiving plans were scuppered by Turkey and Russia pretending to start WWIII - boo!!

I'm leaving the office just now (I'm sharing a train carriage with a group of women headed to camp out for Black Friday sales - they have folding chairs and sleeping bags and are cackling like crazy hens). Where I should be is on a couch in an ensemble that features an elastic waistband, with a turkey leg in one fist and a pint glass of wine (I'm a classy lady) in the other. Either dressing or mashed potatoes should be flecked in my hair, and my mother should be trying to shove homemade rum balls into my mouth.

I do have a TH 'treat' but I'll need to get home to post it.

Hope everyone else is close to friends, family, good food and football (American)! Happy Thanksgiving.

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