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>>640 Watch this space.

I don't personally think it is inevitable or even likely that a relationship would falter in the circumstances you describe. Brie Larson is also young, a long way from her boyfriend, in the arms of the charming Mr H., and on a pretty much closed film set, which I imagine is an intense and bonding experience. Will she kick her fellow to the kerb for TH? I doubt it, unless the relationship already has issues. My own perspective is that the engagement breakup was a sign that things weren't meant to be, sooner or later, and if it wasn't TH it would probably have been somebody else. No blame for that, and it's probably for the best in the long run (if I had married the man I was with at 22....don't go there!).

Where I do give TH a hard stare is what happened after. Most people have a messy relationship from time to time and that's fine. It also is understandable given how the press write about people's private lives that he might wish to control how that story found its way into the public domain. However, where I part company with it is when it starts to look a lot like exploiting the relationship (or exploiting a friendship that people thought was a relationship) in the interests of publicising your movie, until precisely the moment when it becomes clear that that movie is a dog. And the reason I give that a hard stare is purely because it was accompanied by a lot of guff from TH about being principled and straight and not playing games and (per the FT article her wrote recently) about not generating click bait! it seems to me that if you are going to play the game, that's fine, but don't then pretend you're not.

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