Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

836 Name: Anon. : 2015-12-23 16:01 ID:OSVxleNe

>>833 We'd all be so lucky to have lunch with BL! She bought one of those Chinese head sprout things that they're wearing and threw a picture of it up on her IG. I've got a bit of a crush, really.

I'm going to throw my hands up on trying to figure this one out. EO, BL, neither, both, booty call, business lunch, PR pow-wow - I have no idea, so time's up.

>>834 He does seem to burn the candle at both ends when he's filming and then slam on the breaks when he's not. It must be a crazy stop-start sort of existence. But after seeing his digs in HI and getting to have lunch with Brie - I'm not going to feel too sorry for him.

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