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205 Name: Anon, : 2016-02-27 15:13 ID:zh0XS7x6

>>203 He does mention trolls at the very beginning. I believe the 'work' thing, I believe he believes it. But, let's be honest, at the height of his twitter use, he was making THC, OLLA, TTDW, TPF (modern classic), doing Corio. - a five act Shakespeare play! Plenty of work was going on along with plenty of twitter.

It was after Corio that he seemed to start to shift to 'the work' tweets. And while you experienced a sane stage door, the general consensus was that it was, to quote Aristotle: a shit show of crazies (that's not really Aristotle).

I think that experience let him know that he needed to pull himself back and push the work out. Those loonies at the ticket office and stage door didn't behave as they did because of Shakespeare or Coriolanus the play, they were all about TH.

Am I fan-shaming? Is Miss Unrelated going to show up and lecture me?

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