Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

549 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-16 03:50 ID:GOfiwiEc

This is the reason I love the DM. How ridiculous is this!?! I would make a list of my favorite/most ridiculous parts, but I'd just end up quoting the whole article. If I had to makes Sophie's choice: that he's copying Bond by wearing a linen jacket to breakfast. Or that he has new blonde highlights. Or...see, I can't pick just one!

Now for the usual this Luke? Is TH pushing hard for Bond? The DM has already told us about his ambition. ;)

Also: bless his little bedhead hair.

OT: have we already started to tear down BL? Girl's got enough to think about without the DM making a big deal about her in a hoody. She's got to get this stinker in the can and start worrying about how to avoid the Oscar curse.

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