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462 Name: Anon : 2016-07-19 18:43 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>460 Having observed her stans in the wild on Tumblr, I think they are mostly as emotionally and intellectually stunted as she is. And just chronologically young.

So, they are mostly too young to recall that the feminist movement has been criticised since the very start for failing to take account of non middle class, non white perspectives (or how you might address that and still be a feminist). Or to have read much actual feminist thought.

As a result they think that white non intersectional feminism is the real deal, and they worship its purveyor in an uncritical way.

They are too young to have been discriminated against on grounds of gender - my personal experience has been that it is only when you get past 30 that you really start to suffer in the workplace (there are fewer women in general as they drop out to have kids, so fewer female voices supporting a different perspective; you don't have that nubile beauty of youth that carries almost all women along for a while and makes them popular with old sexist guys; you start to speak with the authority of age and therefore represent a threat and cease to fit the "cute silent girl" stereotype).

Therefore they don't by and large understand the need for feminism or what it is fighting against (preferential treatment of young pretty blonde girls like TS matters a lot more when she is in your workplace and you are 35).

They want to fit in so they say "I am post feminist" so as not to appear threatening to boys.

They are idealistic. No bad thing in many ways, but they just don't have that ear for dog whistle racism (and other dog whistles that people might blow). They take people at face value.

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