Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

477 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-20 07:25 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>476 Tom's shirt is even weirdly wrinkled in the same places as in the Variety photo shoot from April, and I do still think his hair is too short now, particularly on the sides. Tom's body positioning and the framing of the photo are consistent with when he takes selfies. The original poster's friends' comments were along the lines of "LMAO" which to me says the caption about Taylor was some kind of inside joke. But more importantly, nothing will convince me that Tom AND Taylor managed to get through 2-3 airports and commercial airline flights without a more legitimate sighting - not a paparazzi pic, not a fan photo of the both of them, not a tweet from someone on one of their flights.

I wasn't aware Chris had an entire week off - I thought he was just at a resort for the weekend.

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