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638 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-21 20:53 ID:XVu0oPjZ

I think TS is coming back the US, not hiding out. Whether she's with him is anyone's guess, she sure has the money to hire a long flight private jet if she really wants to dodge everything and everyone, land at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank to avoid LAX, and run to her home in BH or Malibu (not exactly sure where; I've heard both mentioned so maybe she has two) rather than follow him to SD. I haven't expect her to stay past this point unless there was a specific work reason. It was partially due to the throwaway line - last sentence of this article when she visited the children's hospital : and partially because she's coming up on an album release, tour and, sooner, her BFF Karlie's birthday on August 5 which she would never miss according to Swifties and the beard conspiracists. Olly's arrival in LA seems to point to this scenario.

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