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'A good friend of mine has a friend, a very small-time musician, who dated Taylor around the early 2010's. He was a fool for her and thought it was super real, and asked her if he could start telling people that they were together. The minute he asked, she said "If you tell ANYONE about this, I will fucking BURY you." And he got the FUCK out of that real quick. Like homegirl has some legit SATAN in her chicken bones. But from Calvin's tweet, I really have a feeling that her secret evil tagline is "I will bury ______".
Like, he didn't even mean tell ~the press~ because he didn't know anything about that stuff, he literally meant like his best friend or his mother. When my friend told the story apparently every person at the table who works in the biz looked at him like "yep, classic psycho Taylor".
Apparently her evil Strawberry Shortcake persona is rill as fuck!'

'Met a celebrity I always speculated was terribly calculated and mean, and they exceeded all my expectations of rudeness and arrogance. HATE
— Edward Droste (@edwarddroste) February 9, 2015

If you know please don't @ the person, they see all and have the capacity and desire to destroy , seriously , please just know and lol
— Edward Droste (@edwarddroste) February 9, 2015

He already confirmed it's Taylor ..but wow I always thought he's a drama queen about that "desire to destroy" part.'

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