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753 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-23 03:56 ID:cK9Y/avg

>>751 There's no way his team hasn't alerted him to the mess his fandom is in regardless of whether he's seen tweets. Not to mention mainstream press going for his jugular. Signing up for NerdHQ is desperate- he wouldn't have needed or chosen to do this pre- Swiftmas.
I still find it odd and contradictory that TayTo have made such a push leading up to CC. The haters are really hating now.

Just noticed we're losing another favorite blogger- wthanon4u.
I still can't believe this board has remained Swiftie free.
It's a miracle and I will foil cave prayer circle for it to remain so for as long as I can stand talking about TH.
My fuse is getting short, however.
I'm on the verge of voluntarily walking the plank of his ship.

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